The Grayman Knives ‘Ground Pounder’ Knife Review

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This is my review on the Grayman Knives Ground Pounder knife, but firstly a bit about Grayman Knives. Grayman Knives are a small husband and wife company in the US. Sue does the website and orders etc and Mike designs and makes the knives.  All Grayman fixed blades are hand-ground by Mike and made in the USA. Initially, […]

The Kelly Kettle Base Camp Review — Should You Buy One?


This review is on the Kelly Kettle Base Camp model in stainless steel. Kelly Kettles come in three different sizes, with some made from aluminium and some made from stainless steel. The Base Camp model is the largest in the range, but other than their size, all of the other Kelly Kettles perform in the […]

How To Make Char Cloth (Emergency Fire Tinder) In An Altoid Tin

How To Make Your Own Char Cloth

If you are in an emergency or survival situation without matches or a lighter, starting a fire can be very difficult. The most difficult part of starting a fire is initially lighting the tinder material. This is because you usually don’t have the ideal tinder material available to get things going. One of the best […]

The Folding Firebox Stove Review — Read Before Buying!


The Folding Firebox Stove is a compact folding stove made from stainless steel. When folded the stove measures just 7.5 inches x 5 inches by 3/8 inch thick and it all fits nicely into a Cordura D-ring bag (see the photos above and below). When set up the stove measures 7.5 inches x 5 inches, […]

How To Tie Some Simple and Useful Knots — Video Tutorial!


Knowing how to properly use a rope to make knots is a skill you may only think you know. There are numerous ways of tying a knot, but the key is knowing what knot you need for the task at hand. Not every knot is equal. Some knots are better than others for specific jobs. […]

Survival Tips — How To Make & Use Feather (Fuzz) Sticks


A feather stick (also known as a fuzz stick) is a length of wood which is shaved/feathered with a knife or axe to produce a head of thin curls protruding from the wood, that are then used as tinder to light a fire. Feather sticks are great as a general tinder to help start a fire, but where they really […]

Primitive vs. New Survival Skills (A guest post by Craig Caudill)

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Survival skills and experts in survival have been around since humans first walked the earth. Old school ways are sometimes viewed as primitive by the new generation of survivalists, while others are rooted in the tried and true ways of their ancestors. It can be difficult to figure out which way you want to focus […]