Survival Tips — How To Make & Use Feather (Fuzz) Sticks

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Survival Tips — How To Make Use Feather Fuzz Sticks

A feather stick (also known as a fuzz stick) is a length of wood which is shaved/feathered with a knife or axe to produce a head of thin curls protruding from the wood, that are then used as tinder to light a fire.

Feather sticks are great as a general tinder to help start a fire, but where they really excel is in wet and damp conditions. This is because whilst the wood may be wet on the outside, once you start shaving down into the wood, you will often hit dry wood which can then be feathered and used as tinder.

Being able to make and use a feather stick is a simple, but a vital skill that everyone who spends time outdoors should learn.

Watch the short video tutorial below. It’s full of useful tips and tricks including how to choose the right branches and how to create the feathering (not as easy as it looks!)

Making a Feather Stick - Bushcraft Basics

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