Low Cost Aquaponics with 5 gallon buckets

Low Cost Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a sustainable method of farming that uses both water and sunlight to grow plants and fish. Learn more about this new farming technique! I have lost count how many times I have been asked to do a post on aquaponics. If you don’t know what aquaponics is, it is similar to hydroponics (if […]

How To Get Solar Panels For FREE (Used But Functional, Zero Cost)

DIY Solar Projects & Tutorials

That’s right, there is a way you can get solar panels for free! I know someone who did it and so can you. Here’s how it’s done… Solar panels are used everywhere these days. They are often used by construction crews and traffic systems (signs, cameras & emergency signal lighting etc) and these are where […]

How To Store & Keep Gasoline Fresh Long Term


With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the rising fuel costs and uncertainty, lots of people will be thinking about stockpiling some gasoline. Storing gasoline isn’t as straightforward as you might think though. In fact, did you know that gasoline can deteriorate and start to break down in as little as 30 days… Read on […]

How To Get 4000 Prepping, Survival & Homesteading eBooks, Docs & PDFs


Firstly, I cannot tell you how excited I was when I figured out how to get access to these 4000 ebooks, PDF and Word docs… These downloadable files cover every imaginable subject and project related to emergency preparedness, survival, homesteading and off-grid living. They were originally compiled into a directory and put online on a […]

Log Home Plans: 40 Free Log Cabin Floor Plans & Blueprints

Log home

You can spend $100s on professional log cabin plans and blueprints, but before you do, take a bit of time to check out the free cabin plans featured below, as they might just save you a ton of money. If nothing else, these free cabin blueprints will give you lots of information and ideas for […]

DIY Trampoline Chicken Coop | Quick, Cheap & Easy To Do

If you want to get some chickens, don’t buy an expensive ready-made chicken coop! There are loads of DIY tutorials online showing how to build a whole range of different sized, low-cost DIY chicken coops. In fact, one of the best ideas that I have seen for building a DIY chicken coop is to repurpose […]

*NEW* 3 Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love

Three homemade dog food recipes PLUS two bonus dog snack recipes! These recipes are very affordable and all-natural so there are no nasties and you know exactly what your dog is eating. If you buy the ingredients frozen or in bulk (or both!), these dog food recipes work out very cheap per portion… What You […]

10 Thrifty Pioneer Skills You Should Consider Learning

Leaning some pioneer skills and traditions, in this day and age doesn’t necessarily mean living off the grid by yourself with no modern conveniences – although it could if that’s what you’re aiming for. In fact, homesteading just means living a more minimalist lifestyle without the added stress that day-to-day materialism can bring. It also […]