How To Tie Some Simple and Useful Knots — Video Tutorial!

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How To Tie Some Simple and Useful Knots — Video Tutorial

Knowing how to properly use a rope to make knots is a skill you may only think you know. There are numerous ways of tying a knot, but the key is knowing what knot you need for the task at hand. Not every knot is equal. Some knots are better than others for specific jobs.

One of the most common knots out there is the overhand knot. Pretty much everybody knows how to make this very basic knot, but it is not always the first choice in knot-making because of the difficulty it poses in untying it. But, that is exactly the reason you want to use this particular knot when it comes to trapping. An animal is going to find it very difficult to escape once the knot has been tightened. That is the idea, right?

Another fairly simple knot you can utilize if you are climbing is the figure eight. This is a little trickier than the first knot, but with a little practice, you will get it in no time. It is important to keep in mind, this knot is a little more difficult to get undone, especially after it has had a lot of strain put on it.

Lastly, the bowline is the ultimate in knots. This is the knot of all knots. You can create a loop with this particular knot that is strong enough to pull a person out of a hole, but easy enough to untie with a simple pull. How is that even possible you are wondering? Watch the video and check out how strong this knot truly is. You will notice the knot does not move up and down the length of the rope, which is another reason this knot is probably one of the most important ones you can learn to tie.

Don’t forget, these knots are fairly simple, but they will require some practice before you get it down. A survival situation is not the time to learn how to tie a bowline.

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