*NEW* 3 Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love

Three homemade dog food recipes PLUS two bonus dog snack recipes! These recipes are very affordable and all-natural so there are no nasties and you know exactly what your dog is eating. If you buy the ingredients frozen or in bulk (or both!), these dog food recipes work out very cheap per portion… What You […]

How To Make Mead: Plus 5 EASY & Delicious Mead Recipes To Try

Honey Fruit Mead

Mead makes for one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in history and, using a basic recipe that consists of just honey, water and yeast, it can also be considered as one of the simplest. That said, for the many that may have tried to make mead and suffered some form of a misstep, this drink […]

Microwave Bread Recipe — From Mixing To Eating In Under 5 Minutes

Microwave Bread 1 2

A simple, no-bake, no prove, microwave bread recipe that you can literally make from start to finish in under 5 minutes. It has an approx cook time of 90 seconds. If you are out of bread and you can’t get any, give this simple microwave bread recipe a go. The end result will not be […]

The Best Moonshine Recipes – 5 Recipies Incl Rum & Apple Pie

Moonshine recipes

So you’re looking for some moonshine recipes? That’s quite understandable as there are few things as enjoyable as creating the perfect moonshine, particularly when you’ve waited for the mash to ripen into something truly delicious. What’s more, with so many moonshine recipes out there, you can be spoilt for choice as to what to create […]

How To Make Mountain Pies: Perfect For Campfires & Backyard Firepits!

How to make mountain pies

If you don’t know what a mountain pie is, it is basically a grilled sandwich that is cooked on a campfire, in a small device called a mountain pie maker. Mountain pies are also sometimes known as ‘hobo pies’. A mountain pie maker is like a small cast iron skillet with a lid and a […]

The Four ‘Golden Rules’ For Caring For Cast Iron Cookware

cast iron pan

Rule 1: Don’t wash cast-iron cookware like normal pots and pans. Don’t wash cast-iron cookware like normal pots and pans. Dishwasher detergent and dish soap will remove the seasoning (oil coating) on the skillets etc, that is required for successful cooking and storage. If the seasoning is removed, food will stick to the cookware, and when […]

10 Foods To Store That “Practically” Keep Forever

Foods that keep forever

Firstly – nothing will keep forever if it is not stored correctly in the right environment. Many of these foods need to remain dry and be kept in their original unopened packaging or airtight containers. Sugar All kinds of sugar, whether white, brown or powdered etc, will last forever if kept dry in an airtight […]

Th Easy Way To Make Butter From Milk At Home

How to make butter from milk

A while back I did the post ‘Make Mozzarella From Milk In Just 30 Minutes’ which was extremely popular! Given that so many of you liked the idea of making cheese out of milk, I am assuming that you will also like to know how to make totally delicious butter! This one I’ve got, as making […]