How To Build Various Survival Shelters – Debris, Tarp & Snow Shelters

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How To Build Various Survival Shelters – Debris Tarp Snow Shelters

If you are stuck out in the wilderness overnight or for a longer period, you are likely going to need to be able to find a shelter nature has provided such as a cave or fallen tree, or you going to have to build one from what you have with you or what you can find around you in your environment.

The tutorials below from Practical Survivor are outstanding.  Great photos together with simple instructions.  It’s a 101 wilderness survival shelter building, check them out, print them out, and get into the woods and practice building them.

General Advice About Shelters & Conditions

Tutorials on how to build the following shelters

Snow Cave

Poncho/Tarp Lean-to Shelter (modified)

Jungle Poncho/Tarp A-frame

Various Poncho and Tarp Shelters

Lean-To Debris Shelter

Double Lean-To Debris (a-frame)

(Photo from: Practical Survivor)

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