The Ultimate Bug Out Bag List UPDATED For 2022

Bug out bag kit list

When disaster strikes there are two things that are immediately essential: getting out of the area and getting out of there quickly. Also known as a BOB, The Bug out Bag is designed to help you do just that and usually comes in the form of a heavy-duty rucksack that contains everything you need in […]

How To Make A 60 lb Hunting Bow From PVC Pipe For Around $10

PVC pipe DIY hunting bow

$10 and a few hours simple DIY in the garage gets you a 60 lb PVC bow that you can use to practise your skills and even hunt with. Now that’s pretty cool. I don’t have much experience with bows, but a quick Google quickly shows that you that the entry price for a decent-ish […]

Make A Homemade Knife Made From A File Without A Forge

Homemade Knife

Mora Knives aside, it can be difficult to find an affordable, quality bushcraft type survival knife… Mora knives are very cheap and very highly regarded, but they are not full-tang knives, which means the blade steel does not travel through to the end of the handle. A full-tang knife is always preferable as it is […]

How To Make A T-Shirt Eel Trap That Gets Results

DIY survival eel trap

When I was a kid I watched a TV show called Alone In The Woods. In that show, Lofty Wiseman the author of the SAS Survival Guide showed how to make an eel trap out of a t-shirt, in a survival situation. Of course, I immediately went down to the river to give it a […]

The Upside Down Fire Technique (And Why You Should Try It!)


So what is an upside-down fire and why should you be using this technique to light your fires? With the traditional way of building a fire, most people start with a small pile of kindling and then add larger logs as the fire gets going. With the upside-down fire technique you build your fire from […]

Make A ‘Shim Tool’ From A Soda Can To Open Locked Padlocks

How to open a padlock with a soda can

There are many emergency and survival scenarios where you may need to get past a locked padlock, but you don’t have the key. To be honest, there are also many non-emergency times you may want to open a locked padlock too. For example, I once lost the key to the padlock that secures one of […]

How to Build A Simple PVC Tube Homemade Squirrel Trap


This PVC tube homemade squirrel trap is useful for getting rid of pest squirrels and also for trapping wild squirrels for food. This trap is humane, in that it doesn’t kill or harm the squirrel once caught (providing you check it regularly). It’s up to you, if it is a pest squirrel, you can either […]

Mora (& Other Low-Cost Knife) Modification For Better Bushcraft


It’s all well and good if you can afford a high-end quality bushcraft/survival knife such as those made by the Ontario Knife Company or Spyderco fixed blades. The fact remains that by far the best selling bushcraft/survival knives are the low-cost Mora knives made in Sweden, with the Morakniv Companion at under $15 being by far […]