2 Little-Known Government Auctions – You Will Not Believe What You Can Buy!


Did you know that you can buy military (plus police and other government depts) vehicles, equipment, and goods via 2 little-known online gov auctions? The 2 gov auctions featured in this post are official government surplus auction partners, that sell-off surplus government vehicles, machinery, and other goods… Basically, it’s police, gov, military eBay! What Can […]

Cut Your Heating Costs With A $50 DIY Solar Furnace


With the rising cost of gas and electricity, many folks are looking at ways to cut costs and keep warm this winter… Read on to find out how a solar furnace can help you save money. One of the best things that you can do to keep warm is to ensure that your house is […]

How To Store & Keep Gasoline Fresh Long Term


With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the rising fuel costs and uncertainty, lots of people will be thinking about stockpiling some gasoline. Storing gasoline isn’t as straightforward as you might think though. In fact, did you know that gasoline can deteriorate and start to break down in as little as 30 days… Read on […]

Learn How To Coil & Store Rope – The 3 Best Methods


Rope is a valuable tool but can be rendered useless if it is not stored correctly. You know exactly what I am talking about… that coiled up, knotted mess that becomes more of a hindrance than a help. It is imperative you learn how to store your rope correctly to avoid knots and kinks. In […]

Genius Trick For Getting Unstuck On Icy Roads (Also Works In The Mud!)

First things first – you should carry a snow shovel in your vehicle during winter. You should also put together a small kit of essential survival items in case you have to spend the night in your car or hike miles home in freezing weather. It could literally mean the difference between life and death… […]

Car Wax = The Best Cleaning Hack Ever! Bathrooms | Kitchens | Windows

Car wax for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens

This car wax cleaning hack works on kitchen/bathroom surfaces, windows and mirrors. It takes seconds to do, but surfaces remain clean for between 200-500% longer and when they do finally need cleaning again, it is much, much quicker and easier to clean them. Interested? Find out which type of car wax to use, and how […]

How To Stay Warm: 25 Tips For Saving Money & Keeping Warm (UPDATED 2022)

25 frugal ways to keep warm

In the quest of saving money without sacrificing your comfort, many homeowners and renters alike are searching for ways to stay warm this winter without turning on, or turning up the heating at home. If you’ve been searching for how to keep warm on a tight budget, save on your energy bills this winter whilst […]

5 Native American Skills That We Should All Be Learning

Native American culture is one of sophistication, community spirit and respect for the land, its animals and the environment as a whole, and it’s definitely something we can all learn something from. There’s a reason that their culture and tradition has lasted so long against all odds. Below are 5 Native American skills and traditions […]