The Folding Firebox Stove Review — Read Before Buying!

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The Folding Firebox Stove Review — Read Before Buying

The Folding Firebox Stove is a compact folding stove made from stainless steel. When folded the stove measures just 7.5 inches x 5 inches by 3/8 inch thick and it all fits nicely into a Cordura D-ring bag (see the photos above and below). When set up the stove measures 7.5 inches x 5 inches, which is actually a great size for a stove which is so compact when stored.

The Folding Firebox Stove is a multi-fuel stove, in that it is designed (and can be configured in slightly different ways) to burn wood/pine cones, solid fuel tablets, gel fuels, wood pellets, charcoal briquettes and it can even fit an alcohol burner. Personally I think it is most useful when used to burn wood/pine cones and charcoal.

Side view of the folded firebox stove

Side view of the folding Firebox stove

 The firebox stove and accessories I received to review 

Firbox stove unassembled

In the photo above you can see the kit I received to review.  It includes the Folding Firebox (bottom right), the extended grill plate, adjustable fire grate & two extra fire sticks (bottom left), and the heavy-duty Cordura D-ring bag (top). Everything other than the Folding Firebox stove itself, it’s additional extras, which can be purchased individually or as part of various kit options.

The set-up Folding Firebox stove

Folding Firebox stove assembled

 The stove with the extended grill plate attached

Firebox stove assembled

The extended grill plate is great as it gives you an expanded grilling surface for grilling/barbecuing meat and fish etc.  The plate is 7.5 inches by 5 inches so it is a good size for such a compact stove.

 The stove burning some pine cones and twigs

Firebox stove in use

 The stove boiling water very quickly!

Boiling water on the Firebox stove

Not much left after the fire


My Thoughts On The Folding Firebox Stove

The Folding Firebox stove is very well made, in fact, if possible, it might be too well made…  The thing is it is made of a heavier gage stainless steel than other camp stoves, this makes it very durable and it won’t ever warp like cheaper stoves made from thinner metals. I can’t see how you would ever break or damage this stove.  The downside to this is the stove’s weight, it weighs 2lbs which makes it pretty heavy for hiking and wilderness camping etc.  That said, I don’t think the weight is a deal-breaker, because whilst the stove is quite heavy, you don’t have to carry any additional fuel such as gas canisters etc.

Aside from the quality of construction, the stove is also very well designed. Everything is hinged together nicely and falls into place in seconds and then basically the stove is ready to go.  You can then configure the stove a few different ways with the fire sticks and adjustable fire grate (added extra). The way the fire sticks work is genius, they are used in various positions for cooking and when you fold up the stove, they slide into some groves and hold the stove folded in place. If as I recommend, you purchase an additional set of fire sticks, they can also be used to pick up the stove and move it when in use, which is a great feature.

The Folding Firebox stove is also quite a bit larger than other similar wood-burning stoves I have seen, it is easily big enough to cook food for two, possibly even three people depending on what you are cooking.  This is due to its size and the fact it is top feeding so you can fit a whole load of fuel into the stove making it capable of cooking much larger portions of food.

Folding Firebox Stove Conclusion

When I first received the stove I was surprised by its weight, however, after using the stove I am blown away by its quality and versatility.  When folded it measures just 7.5 inches x 5 inches by 3/8 inch thick, but when set up due to its large top feeding 7.5 x 5-inch size, it is capable of cooking greater quantities of food than similar portable stoves.  I have seen photos online of people using Dutch ovens on Folding Firebox stoves.  When you add to this the fact you can burn almost any fuel source on it, it makes the Folding Firebox stove a real winner!

Sure the weight will be an issue for some, but I think the stove is a great choice for camping/base camp, fishing/hunting, day trips to the park/beach etc. It is also a great option for preppers for use either at home for power outages etc or for packing in the bug-out-bag or vehicle.  The only people I would not recommend this stove to would be lightweight/ long-distance hikers.

Aside from everything I have mentioned so far, the thing I like the most about the Folding Firebox stove is that it allows you to have a fire and cook without scaring the earth or leaving a trace that you have been there. I hate it when people make needless camp-fires everywhere in the wilderness and leave behind scared earth and burned wood etc. Sure, it is fine to have a nice camp-fire at base-camp sometimes, but they are not necessary everywhere and every time.  The Folding Firebox allows you to have a fire anywhere you like, without damaging the surrounding environment in any way, and that gets a big tick in the box from me!

The bottom line – note the weight, but as far as I am concerned, the Folding Firebox stove is recommended to everyone apart from lightweight/long-distance hikers. Mine will be going in my bug-out bag!

Purchasing/Price & Discount Code

The Folding Firebox stove currently costs $59.99 which includes FREE shipping in the USA.

Folding Firebox have been kind enough to offer all Knowledge Weighs Nothing visitors a 10% discount.

To get the discount: enter the code: “kwn” in the promotional code section during checkout at

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