36 Knockout Cast Iron Skillet ...

As I have gotten older I have realized the value of buying quality items in the first instance, rather than buying cheap and discarding, and then buying the higher quality item anyway. Buying cheap is  a false economy and never more so is this demonstrated than with cast iron cookware. Bite the bullet and invest […]

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Fish Antibiotics for Human Use...

Firstly a disclaimer. I am not a medical professional. I have simply done my own research online to a level which satisfies my own needs. Please do your own research and cross check everything you read here. Also please use antibiotics responsibly and only when absolutely required. Overuse of antibiotics can cause its own problems, due to bugs becoming resistant to […]

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Free And Virtually Unlimited F...

FREE fuel and unlimited fuel to heat your home – that’s quite a promise! It doesn’t actually promise to be a solution to provide ALL of the fuel to heat your home, but depending on the size of your home it probably could do just that… If you have a small house or cabin heated […]

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How To Build An All-Night, No ...

I hate, hate, hate it when you wake up in the morning and the campfire has gone out in the night! It’s an inconvenience at best, a survival situation at worst… The video above shows how to make a fire that will burn all night long and keep you warm, with no maintenance whatsoever. It […]

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10 Foods To Store That Practic...

Firstly – nothing will keep forever if it is not stored correctly in the right environment. Many of these foods need to remain dry and be kept in their original unopened packaging or airtight containers. Sugar All kinds of sugar, whether white, brown or powdered etc, will last forever if kept dry in an airtight […]

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36 Knockout Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

As I have gotten older I have realized the value of buying quality items in the first instance, rather than buying cheap and discarding, and then buying the higher quality item anyway. Buying cheap is  a false economy and never more so is this demonstrated than with cast iron cookware. Bite the bullet and invest […]


Preparing for a Disaster – Effective No-Nonsense Tips to Protect Your Family

As our societies grow and we rely more and more on third party services to keep us safe and sound, the danger of suddenly becoming helpless and endangered increases. While there are literally thousands of ways to prepare for a disaster, you should primarily focus on the fundamental tips designed to protect you and your […]


Clinically Proven Herbs and Supplements for Maximum Brain Power

Imagine waking up with a mind that’s fully rested and ready to tackle the day’s tasks. Now, imagine your mental focus and clarity completely free from fatigue and fog. One of the most common ailments affecting nearly every person in every social class is mental fatigue and an overall lack of brain power. Your brain […]


5 Insanely Easy – And Effective – Gardening Tips

With the rise in food costs, millions are turning to their backyards to produce delicious fruits and vegetables. While the notion of gardening is nothing new, many find this hands-on process difficult to master. Although learning how to effectively garden is a life-long task, there are several tips and techniques to produce healthy and vibrant […]

Natural gardening tips

Natural Ways to Invigorate Your Garden and Protect Plant Health

Whether you wish to curb your monthly grocery bills or prepare your pantry for a disaster, gardening has moved into every part of urban and rural environments. Regardless of why you wish to grow your own fruits and vegetables, the need to protect the health of these plants is universal. Instead of turning to chemical […]

Emergency Preparedness Tips

5 Top Emergency Preparedness Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

The notion of dealing with a major emergency is not one that many wish to dwell on. While there’s something to be said about positive thinking, when this form of thinking leads to a lack of action, it becomes a serious problem. Even if you believe you’ll never be involved in a serious emergency situation […]

gardening hacks

8 Outstanding Gardening Hacks That Can Double, Triple & Even Quadruple Crop Yield

For millions, gardening is more than a hobby. Whether you tend to a garden as a means of paying your bills or feeding your family, the concept of increasing crop yields by making simple alterations to grow environment and techniques is intriguing. However, is it possible to significantly increase yields without purchasing expensive equipment or […]


5 Things You Can Do Today To Save Money And Be More Self-Sufficient

For millions, the notion of living a more financially self-sufficient life is nothing more than just that – a notion. Existing free from the bounds of debt and comfort knowing you aren’t relying on anything other than yourself is a concept many desire, but few achieve. While the road of being financially self-sufficient is different […]


20 Mind Blowing Reasons Why Epsom Salt Should Be In Every Home

  Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. The name Epsom salts comes from the magnesium sulfate rich spring in Surrey, England where they were first discovered. If like most people you are only using your Epsom salts as a gentle laxative, or for a relaxing bath – you are seriously missing out! Epsom salts have countless other health, beauty, […]


Top 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Wood Burning Stove

For hundreds of years, the wood burning stove has been the source of heat and cooking for millions of homes. While more contemporary options have become commonplace, those who enjoy the crackling wood and pleasant smell of a wood burning stove take pride in their mode of heat. Much like any other appliance, a wood […]


Top 10 Homesteading Blogs & Websites

Those who wish to disconnect from the grid, and explore a life outside of modern comforts, are often met with a harsh dose of reality. These adventurous souls come face-to-face with challenges that test even the most experienced self-sufficient household. While many skills are best developed by throwing yourself in the middle of the homesteading […]


10 Cleaning Tips & Hacks Everyone Should Know

As a child, your mother may have rattled on, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ While this saying may strike fear into your heart, the process of cleaning no longer has to be one filled with dread and morose. While there are several aspects of cleaning that are unavoidable, such as having to do it it […]

greentea (2)

Green Tea & Cinnamon – Fat Blitzing Tea Recipe

It seems almost impossible to open a magazine or stroll through your local grocery store without being bombarded by diet and weight loss advertising. While most diets and weight loss programs are nothing more than big promises highlighted by bland food and disappointed weigh-ins, it seems one of the most effective weight loss tools is […]


The Awesome Frugal Christmas: How To Save Christmas When Times Are Hard

The holiday season. For many, it’s a time for celebration, and for many more it’s time of expenses and digging into their savings account. Believe it or not, there’s a way to have a full Christmas season, filled with delicious foods and presents galore, without having to take out a second mortgage. Explore the various […]