Car Wax = The Best Cleaning Hack Ever! Bathrooms | Kitchens | Windows

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Car Wax The Best Cleaning Hack Ever Bathrooms Kitchens Windows

This car wax cleaning hack works on kitchen/bathroom surfaces, windows and mirrors. It takes seconds to do, but surfaces remain clean for between 200-500% longer and when they do finally need cleaning again, it is much, much quicker and easier to clean them.

Interested? Find out which type of car wax to use, and how to use it to get the best results.

I had this car wax idea a while back but I wasn’t sure if it would work for cleaning bathrooms/kitchen surfaces etc. I Googled it and I couldn’t find much at all about it. This discouraged me a bit as I assumed that if car wax was useful for kitchens and bathrooms etc, there would be lots of blog posts about it… Without much to go on, I decide to give it a try and do my own experiments. I was blown away by the results.

Car Wax For Cleaning Bathrooms And Kitchens, Really?

Once your car is cleaned and waxed, the wax leaves a durable shiny layer on the paintwork of your car, which protects the paintwork from dirt, grime and water stains. Dirt and grime struggle to stick to this shiny layer of wax and it helps keep the paintwork clean and shiny until it is eventually wears off.

I wondered whether car wax would work in a similar way on bathroom and kitchen surfaces – spoiler alert- it works amazingly on tiles, sinks, toilets, glass shower screens and mirrors! It also turns out that car wax is great for keeping windows clean too.

Car wax bathroom
Sparkling shower screen and tiles after using car wax

There are several benefits to using car wax to clean bathrooms and kitchens

  • It leaves surfaces amazingly shiny
  • Surfaces stay clean and shiny MUCH, MUCH longer
  • It dramatically reduces limescale/hard water deposits (amazing on glass shower screens!)
  • It reduces steam/mist on mirrors when showering by around 90%
  • Surfaces are MUCH easier to clean when they do finally need cleaning again
  • You’ll use other cleaning products less often so you’ll save money

How To Use Carwax For Cleaning Bathroom And Kitchen Surfaces

It’s not rocket science really – you pretty much use the car wax in the house, the same as you do on your car. That said, here’s my advice…

As it is quicker and easier to apply, I opted for sprayable car wax. The more common thicker car waxes that you pour out onto a cloth and rub on, might be more effective than the lighter sprayable car waxes, but they are going to be messier and take a lot longer to apply and polish off.

Just like with your car – it is important for all surfaces to be clean before spraying on the car wax. All soap scum and limescale/hard water deposits need to be removed. Once surfaces are clean, simply spray on the car wax evenly and then buff off with a dry cloth until you have a nice shiny surface.

When it’s time to clean again, clean the surfaces and reapply the car wax in the same way to maintain results.

Cleaning bathroom with car wax
Shining radiator after a wipe with some car wax

Car Wax For Household Cleaning Summary

Using car wax when cleaning kitchen/bathroom surfaces, mirrors and windows is very effective for keeping surfaces clean and shiny for longer. It also reduces the need for future cleaning. When you do have to clean again, surfaces are much easier to clean. Simply put – applying sprayable car wax to cleaned surfaces dramatically reduces the effort and time spent cleaning. Give it a try!

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