How To Make A 60 lb Hunting Bow From PVC Pipe For Around $10

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How To Make A 60 lb Hunting Bow From PVC Pipe For Around 10

$10 and a few hours simple DIY in the garage gets you a 60 lb PVC bow that you can use to practise your skills and even hunt with. Now that’s pretty cool.

I don’t have much experience with bows, but a quick Google quickly shows that you that the entry price for a decent-ish longbow, recurve hunting bow or a compound hunting bow is around $200. The upper price range for a high-quality hunting bow seems to be around $700 across the board. It’s actually interesting to me that it doesn’t seem to matter the style or type of bow, the entry price for decent one is around $200. I’d assumed a compound bow would be more expensive than a longbow.

Anyway, my point is – for $10-$20 you can make your own decent longbow out of some PVC plumbing pipe and a fibreglass rod. It’s very straightforward to make as well. Anyone with some basic DIY skills could make one.

If you are into archery or thinking of getting into it, but you are on a tight budget, this homemade DIY PVC bow is a great, low-cost place to start. Watch the video tutorial and see how this PVC pipe longbow is made.

How to Make a 60 lb PVC longbow for less than $10

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