The Upside Down Fire Technique (And Why You Should Try It!)

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The Upside Down Fire Technique And Why You Should Try It for facebook

So what is an upside-down fire and why should you be using this technique to light your fires?

With the traditional way of building a fire, most people start with a small pile of kindling and then add larger logs as the fire gets going. With the upside-down fire technique you build your fire from the base up before you light it, not only that, but you start with the biggest logs at the bottom, then some smaller logs and then the kindling on top. Watch the short video below for details on how to do this.

When you light the kindling on top the fire burns down slowly through the larger logs, whilst still giving off a similar amount of heat. You probably won’t have to put any further logs on the fire for two to three hours, so this will reduce the amount of wood your burn each day. Also when done outdoors in a camping or survival scenario it enables you to leave the fire unattended for several hours, as the initial fire burns much, much longer than a traditional campfire.

The Upside Down Fire (Best Fire Technique)

(Video/Photo from: Household Hacker)
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