How To Build A DIY Self-Resetting Mouse Trap

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DIY mouse trap
Now I am generally a live and let live kind of guy, but when you have vermin invading your home and getting in around your kids and food, you just have to do something about it…

The three main problems with the conventional spring-loaded mouse traps are: when they work, they only work once before needing resetting; they often don’t work but the bait is gone; and when they do work, they kill (many folks prefer a more peaceful solution).

With the self-resetting mousetrap in the video below from the excellent YouTube channel ShowHowCast, all of these problems are solved. It can catch mouse after mouse after mouse 24/7. All you need to do is top up the bait on the trap and it just keeps working over and over. It’s very effective and if you want to catch and release, just don’t put any water in the bucket to drown the mice.

Very simple, very cheap and very effective. Literally, all you need are a bucket, a wire coat-hanger, a plastic bottle, and two bits of wood. Also, on a much larger scale (I’m thinking 55-gallon drum), I can’t see why this can’t be replicated for rats, but you WOULD need to put the water in, to stop them jumping out.

Best Mouse Trap Ever - Mice Trap Catches dozens of mice alive without having to reset trap

(Image: ShowHowCast)

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