How To Make A DIY Soup Can Forge

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How To Make A DIY Soup Can Forge

We have done several posts about making your own knives, arrowheads and other small tools over the years, but the main stumbling block preventing most folks having a go is that the tutorials usually require a blacksmiths forge to heat, shape and harden the steel.

Building or buying a full-sized blacksmiths forge is beyond most people, however, how about building a small DIY forge from a soup can or similar? I think most people interested in kife making could manage that, especially as this soup can forge is simple to make and costs very little to build. A DIY soup can forge like the one in the video tutorial above would be perfect for those interested in making and forging their own knives or arrowheads etc.

Watch the video below to see how to build this simple soup can forge. I guess if you wanted to make larger tools such as axe heads, you could just use a larger can or a paint tin and make a larger forge in the same manner.

Home Made Soup Can Forge - 2000+ degrees - Make your Own Tools

(Image from: LifeBuzzN)
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