How To Get Power From A Phone Line In An Emergency

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How To Get Power From A Phone Line In An Emergency

Firstly – please note the words ‘In An Emergency’. This works but it could get you in trouble if you abuse the technique. This post isn’t about showing you how to power and charge your USB devices via the phone line for free. This cable set-up should only be made for use in the event of a SHTF emergency scenario.

The information is provided for use in an emergency. For example the power may be out and you need to charge your phone so you can head out in a disaster. Alternatively the power may be out in a SHTF scenario, but if there is still power running through the phone line, you could get one last charge on your phone, which could maintain communication for another day or two and make a huge difference…

I am not sure about this, but there may still be power running through your home phone line, even if the phone is disconnected. You would have to check to be sure though.

DIY Hacks & How To's: Emergency Power from a Land Line
It is pretty cheap and easy to make up the cable used in the video above.  It might be worth making one up now and storing it with your emergency supplies, as it may come in handy one day. It is simply not worth doing this daily and abusing the free power – the trouble you could get in is way out of proportion to any benefits gained.

(Photo from: DIYHacksAndHowTos via Instructables)
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