How To Make A Swedish Torch With A Chainsaw

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How To Make A Swedish Torch With A Chainsaw

What is a Swedish Fire Torch?

A Swedish torch is basically a fire set in a large log cut in a specific way, which lasts for hours, and it can be used and put out several times. In fact, it is much easier to relight once it has been burned for the first time. Down below, you find a video demonstrating how to make and use a Swedish torch with a chainsaw.

Swedish Torches are great when you need a confined fire or heat source. They are equally useful for camping or for use in the backyard to warm you up when sitting outdoors in the evening. We often lit a few Swedish torches to warm up the area when having a BBQ when the weather is cooler.

You can cook on a Swedish torch. Simply place pans/kettles directly on top to cook and boil water. They are especially good for making mountain pies. I have even seen a way of using a Swedish torch to heat a tent, but that seemed inherently unsafe to me. If you are interested you can find the video tutorial on YouTube. Just search – ‘heating a tent with a log torch’.

Swedish torches are usually cut and made with a chainsaw. You can make one in seconds with a chainsaw. That said if you don’t have access to one, I guess you can make a Swedish torch without a chainsaw. You could use a handsaw, but it would be time-consuming making the cuts wide enough for the fire to burn effectively.

How To Make A Swedish Torch

Swedish Torch Log with a Chainsaw

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