DIY Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit With Adjustable Grill Made

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How to make a DIY
This example is very cool, it’s also an awesome way to repurpose a broken old washing machine. (UPDATE) a friend of mine tried removing the drum from his broken washing machine and he gave up as it was just too much work to get it) It does show what you can achieve with a bit of time, skill, perseverance and a limited budget though.

You CAN see from the example in the video that by fixing some legs to a washing machine drum you can easily make a simple fire pit out of a scrap washing machine. It’s then up to you if you go on to include a grill, griddle and pot stand.

Given how much a similar, ready-made fire pit would cost, I definitely think this project is worth the time and effort. It will be a talking point in your backyard for years to come!


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