How To Get 4000 Prepping, Survival & Homesteading eBooks, Docs & PDFs

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How To Get 4000 Prepping Survival Homesteading eBooks Docs PDFs for facebook

Firstly, I cannot tell you how excited I was when I figured out how to get access to these 4000 ebooks, PDF and Word docs…

These downloadable files cover every imaginable subject and project related to emergency preparedness, survival, homesteading and off-grid living. They were originally compiled into a directory and put online on a website called Previously you could go to this website and browse/download any of the files and documents. Problem is, the directory of files and documents was taken offline a long, long time ago, so there has been no access to this gold mine of free information… Until now!

There is a website called the Internet Archive. As the name suggests, it archives the internet. You can go there and type in the URL of a website and if it is in the database, it will show historic archived versions of that website. I am not going to go into this in too much detail, but basically, via the Internet Archive, I have managed to access an archived version of the from 2013, which still contains the 4000 PDFs, files and documents.

Read this first!

Before you head over there and start downloading PDFs and eBooks like there’s no tomorrow, there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Firstly, you are not visiting directly. This is an archived/backed up version of the website from 2013 that is stored in the Internet Archive database, also known as the Way Back When Machine. Navigation can be a bit clunky and slow at times as you are navigating the original website on the Internet Archive’s servers.

Secondly, every single PDF and document that I have randomly tried to open/download has worked perfectly. You may find some files that haven’t been archived, so aren’t available. My sense is that most of the files are currently available, but you may find some that are not. Don’t be discouraged though, as there is an absolute goldmine of free information available here.

To access the Internet Archive’s 2013 version of the, visit



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