How To Build A DIY Generator From A Lawnmower (UPDATED)

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How To Build A DIY Generator From A Lawnmower UPDATED

So you know getting a backup generator is a great idea, but you just can’t afford to purchase one? Well, could you afford $50 give or take, for a small backup generator?

If you search around at yard sales or your local junkyard or landfill you should be able to pick up most of the bits required to build this DIY lawnmower generator.   There are a few extras you’ll likely need to purchase, but you could bring this in for around $50.

I have listed several different tutorials below that show how simple and affordable it is to build a basic generator out of an old lawnmower engine.

Below is a great video showing how to build a lawnmower generator.

Homemade lawnmower generator
This is a really interesting and entertaining video tutorial. I think a lot of the build is overkill, but it does give you an idea of what can easily be accomplished with some cheap/free scrap parts and a little DIY skill. I particularly like the fact the generator was built onto the frame of the lawnmower, rather than removing the lawnmower engine and mounting it on another base.

Here is a different, written tutorial for DIY generator built from a lawnmower. As with all these lawnmower generators, it isn’t going to power your whole house, it won’t run your AC, heating or large kitchen appliances; it will, however, keep the lights on and power smaller electronics etc.

Additionally, here are links to two further written tutorials for building lawnmower generators for you to check out lawnmower generator tutorial from & and lawnmower generator tutorial from

 (Image used from Oliver Motorized)
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