2 Minute Trick To Clean/De-Haze Headlights

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2 Minute Trick To Clean De Haze Headlights

I have known about this tip/trick/hack for years, to be honest, I thought everyone did so it was a huge surprise when a friend of mine told me she has just paid $20 to have her headlights cleaned… Anyway this made me think that perhaps there are lots of people out there paying professionals or purchasing expensive cleaning products to clean their headlights, so I thought I would do this quick post just in case.

2 Minute Trick To Clean & De-Haze Headlights

Go out and buy a cheap $1 tube of toothpaste – squeeze some on a paper towel and rub onto the headlight. (Be careful not to rub too hard as this could cause tiny surface scratches). Now take a clean paper towel or two, and polish the toothpaste off the headlight. You should be left with a crystal clear, haze free headlight.

This takes around 2 minutes of your time and costs you $1, and your tube of toothpaste will likely last for another 5-10 cleans.

(Photo from: Wikipedia)
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