Video Tour Of My Prepper Pantry

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Video Tour Of My Prepper Pantry for facebook

If you are storing/stockpiling food in case the SHTF, or you are considering getting started, the video below is going to be essential viewing. You will either learn something or be fascinated and entertained. Either way, it’s a must-watch, full of excellent, practical, and common-sense advice.

The video tour is by David Armstrong. David is a prepper and homesteader. His YouTube channel is full of interesting and useful prepping and homesteading videos. I recommend subscribing to his channel. David’s prepper pantry video tour below covers all aspects of his emergency food storage plan and prepper’s pantry. David is one very organised and prepared dude…

The tour starts off in David’s kitchen, showing how things are set up there for day-to-day use. It then goes into the longer-term food storage prepper’s pantry which is very impressive. David briefly explains how the pantry itself was constructed, before going on to discuss the various foods stored and reasons for doing so etc. Finally, the tour ends in what David calls his ‘endless pantry’ – his equally impressive and well thought out garden.

There is so much food for thought here. David demonstrates how important it is to think through and plan your SHTF food strategy for the short and the long-term with both his pantry and garden working in tandem to provide enough food for his family.

Tour of my Prepper Pantry

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