How To Remove Warts With Garlic – 100% Natural Remedy

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Warts, like skin tags, remain a mystery for many as these harmless growths seem to come out of nowhere. As a child, you may have believed warts were caused by touching frogs or an ailment only experienced by witches. Warts aren’t the result of grazing against a reptile, but rather these unsightly, yet harmless, growths are a result of a viral infection.

Typically, wart treatments require the use of chemical acids or liquid nitrogen, and in some cases, the wart must be surgically removed. Yet, what if there was a natural way to eliminate warts without the trauma of chemical and invasive treatments? According to the latest research, it seems there is an all-natural solution to this common ailment – garlic.

Garlic! Nature’s Anti-Wart Agent

Evidence of garlic being used as a culinary ingredient and a medicinal herb date back over 5,000 years. While some uses have been debunked by modern medicine, many others are now fully backed by scientific evidence. The active compounds in garlic are noted as having powerful anti-viral properties.

While 70 percent of warts resolve themselves within 24 months, stubborn warts can last for many more years, if not forever. Moreover, a single wart can produce other warts at various sites around your body. Because of this, dermatologists recommend treating a wart as soon as it shows its ugly face.

To treat warts without the use of acid or other invasive methods, simply grab a fresh garlic clove, a knife and bandages.

How to Remove Warts With Garlic – Step-by-Step Guide

Step One – Thoroughly wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. If you have any cuts on your hand or fingers, cover them with a bandage. The wart virus is highly contagious. All it needs is a small opening in your skin to infect a new area of your body. For optimum protection, wear latex gloves while treating the wart.

Step Two – Peel one garlic clove. Once its outer shell is removed, cut the clove in half.

Step Three – Rub the surface of the wart(s) with the cut side of the clove. Make sure you fully saturate the wart with garlic juice, although try to avoid contact with the surrounding skin. Continue rubbing the wart with the clove for 90 seconds.

Step Four – Once the wart is saturated with the garlic juice,  cut a section of the clove the same size as the wort. Secure this piece of the clove directly on the wart (again try and avoid contact with the surrounding skin) with an adhesive bandage. Allow the clove to soak into the wart overnight. In the morning, carefully remove the bandage and rinse the area with water. Continue this treatment every night until the wart turns black and falls off.

Scientific Evidence

While many natural remedies are steeped in tradition and nothing more, a study published in the April 2004 issue of the ‘International Journal of Dermatology’ found participants with 2 to 96 warts experienced complete wart removal within two weeks after applying a fat-soluble garlic extract directly onto warts.

This treatment merely confirms what holistic practitioners have known for millennia. If you’re searching for an effective wart removal system, steer clear from acids and other toxic treatments, and instead visit the produce department at your local grocery.

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