How To Modify A Generator To Run Almost Silently Using A Muffler

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How To Modify A Generator To Run Almost Silently Using A Muffler

A backup generator is a great investment so you can keep the lights on when the power’s off.  Also in many remote locations, a generator is the only means of electricity. The problem is no matter whether you use your generator for emergency preparedness or to power your remote log cabin etc, they are noisy as hell. They’ll annoy you, and annoy your neighbours! Also in a bug-out retreat, a noisy generator could give away your location…

Why oh why, are generators so noisy? Why don’t generators come fitted as standard with some kind of muffler like vehicles do? Or even if you could purchase an official muffler for your generator, that would at least be something… Unfortunately,  manufacturers just don’t seem concerned with the level of noise their generators produce…

Luckily though, you can relatively easily adapt and fit a DIY muffler to your generator, and dramatically reduce the noise it generates. The video tutorial below explains exactly how to do it.

How to make your generator quiet,powermate generator
Check out this link and you will find another tutorial which shows how to adapt a thrush muffler and fit it to your generator. The result should be a silent or near-silent generator. I am sure there will still be some very low-level noise from the motor etc, but there is no way your neighbours will hear it, and it should be a good option for a bug-out location as well.

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