This DIY Washing Machine Generator Can Be Water Or Wind Powered – 100% Off-Grid Electricity!

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DIY Washing Machine Generator

This might just be the best cheap DIY electricity generator we have featured! It is fairly straightforward to build and it can generate a huge amount of free off-the-grid electricity. The level of constant electricity generated in the video is outstanding. I think the best thing about this generator is that it can be powered by anything which turns the motor. You can set it up to run with water-power, wind-power or even peddle power.

I believe there is one negative though… This DIY generator has to be built with a smart drive washing machine. These are mostly (maybe even solely) made by a company called Fisher & Paykel. They are very popular in certain parts of the world, but not so in others. They are sold in the US but they are not all that common.

If you are interested in building this generator, check out the video below, do some further research and keep a lookout on Craigslist and eBay for these old washing machines.

Free power- How to convert an old washing machine into a water powered generator

(Image from:  Buddhanz1)

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