DIY Quick Fix For Garden (SHTF, Camping) Solar Lights

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DIY Quick Fix For Garden SHTF Camping Solar Lights

Solar lights like the picture above are in 90% of American gardens and yards, they make gardens look awesome, plus these little solar lights actually double up as emergency lighting if the power goes out. In fact, there is a whole load emergency preparedness, SHTF and homesteading uses for these solar lights. These solar lights are cheap, but often don’t work so well, and when they do, they normally only last a few months. A lot of people throw them away and just buy new ones… What a waste!

What many people don’t realize is that these solar lights usually come with very, very cheap/poor quality standard sized rechargeable batteries.  These batteries are usually rubbish, to begin with, but they deteriorate and lose their ability to hold their charge, very quickly. It is basically the batteries that fail within the lights that stops them working. The good news is – you can easily replace these batteries!

If you actually replace the batteries with some good quality rechargeable batteries, you’ll likely be blown away at home much brighter the lights are, and how much longer they burn brightly throughout the night. They will literally be better than when they were new! The crazy this is – decent solar light rechargeable batteries don’t cost much anyway, so it’s a no-brainer given how useful these lights can be.

If you follow the simple steps below I will explain how to change the batteries in your solar lights.

These lights are usually really easy to open. Usually, you’ll just need a screwdriver to take out one or two screws and you are done. Once open, check which sized batteries are used in your particular lights (usually AA or AAA) and then replace them with some better quality, but still very cheap solar rechargeable batteries.

Do this and you will have much brighter solar lights that hold their charge for way longer than before, and they will last for years before needing replacing.

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