How To Start A Fire With A Chapstick

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How To Start A Fire With A Chapstick

Ok, firstly the title of the post is a little misleading… You can’t start a fire with a ChapStick alone. You need an ignition source, but if you have a source of ignition such as fire steel, flint or matches, a ChapStick can DRAMATICALLY increase your chances of getting a fire going in even the worst conditions.

Anyone who has tried to light a fire in less than ideal conditions will know how difficult it can be…

Loads of people have a ChapStick (or similar brand) in their pocket, even some of you guys (I know I do!). This is a great tip/trick for those not so practised in starting fires in the wilderness or those caught out in a survival situation, unprepared, in less than ideal conditions.

In the video, they use the ChapStick with cotton balls, but you can use it with any other good tinder material. If you have nothing else, cotton from a t-shirt or jumper works well, just make sure you work the ChapStick into the cotton as shown in the video.

Bushcraft - Lip Balm : Can make fire lighting easier !!!

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