The BEST Homesteading Blogs To Follow In 2022

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Best homesteading blogs 2022

Those who wish to disconnect from the grid, and explore a life outside of modern comforts, are often met with a harsh dose of reality. These adventurous souls come face-to-face with challenges that test even the most experienced self-sufficient household. While many skills are best developed by throwing yourself in the middle of the homesteading lifestyle, there is a myriad of helpful websites and blogs designed to answer questions, clarify specific techniques and boost your homesteading knowledge and skills.

Below are my favourite top ’10 homesteading blogs & websites in 2022. They are listed in no particular order, as to be honest, I love them all, and I would struggle to rank them 1 to 10. I highly recommend you check them out, bookmark their websites and follow them on Facebook etc.

Top 10 Homesteading Blogs & Websites for 2022

The following 10 homesteading websites and blogs contain immense passion and offer the best/latest/oldest tips, techniques and hundreds of pages of content geared toward those seeking out a homesteading lifestyle.

Attainable Sustainable

Attainable Sustainable is the go-to resource for learning the ins and outs of sustainable living. This light-hearted homesteading blog offers in-depth guides and concepts relating to plant growing techniques, chicken farming and various food and drink tips and recipes. While topics vary, its primary goal of educating and supporting sustainable living is consistent throughout the blog.

The Prairie Homestead

The Prairie Homestead explores various topics geared toward homesteading and DIY projects. Along with pages of information regarding homesteading techniques and tips, this resource offers from-scratch recipes and in-depth resources for essential oils and tending to livestock. One of the best homesteading blogs around!

Frugally Sustainable

Frugally Sustainable is geared toward homesteading on a budget. While the notion of going off-grid and becoming more self-sufficient may seem like an expensive choice, this well-designed website offers cost-effective sustainability solutions. Topics include homesteading techniques, herbal remedies and hacks to accomplish goals with half the budget.

Little House Living

Little House Living delves into the concepts of maximizing your resources. As any experienced homesteader will agree, knowing how to stretch your resources is essential to comfortable surviving. This friendly homesteading blog offers tips and techniques to enhance your garden as well as tutorials for everything from quilt making, organizational techniques to a myriad of cost-effective, and delicious, recipes.

New Life on a Homestead

New Life on a Homestead explores the concepts and techniques of making the switch to homesteading. Driven by the personal stories of real-life homesteaders, this blog covers topics, such as urban homesteading, beginner guides, herbal guides, food preparation and gardening techniques. This ever-growing resource details the real struggles and benefits of homesteaders in a fun and easily-digestible manner.

Root Simple

Root Simple is designed to provide in-depth informational guides for those wishing to simplify their homesteading techniques and skills. Many feel they can’t accomplish the goal of self-sufficiency because of their limited knowledge or skill sets. Thanks to the no-nonsense guides and truly helpful tips, Root Simple does just that – they simplify the complex homesteading lifestyle.

Common Sense Homesteading

Common Sense Homesteading delves into the herbal and naturopathic topics involved in homesteading. With information, such as herbal remedies, homesteading techniques, beginner guides and sustainable living topics, this is one of the best homesteading blogs for natural remedies and recipes.

Old World Garden Farms

Old World Garden Farms is a thorough blog consisting of construction techniques, meal preparation and homesteading tips. This easy-to-understand resource delves into the necessities of surviving and thriving as a self-sufficient household. This is the ideal resource for those with little-to-no experience in homesteading and efficient living.

Montana Homesteader

Montana Homesteader is an information-rich homesteading blog detailing the various techniques and tips of modern homesteading. Ran by a real-life family of homesteaders, readers are treated to a depth of knowledge. Topics include gardening, construction, herbal remedies and wild harvesting.

Little Mountain Haven

Little Mountain Haven details various homesteading techniques. While topics, such as construction projects, are professionally detailed, its true promise is in its gardening sections. This homesteading resource is filled with organic gardening tips, winter gardening techniques and even permaculture. This is a must-read blog for those seeking to enhance their gardening abilities.

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