Pressure Cooker Still – How To Make One!

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Pressure Cooker Still – How To Make One

There are typically two things you can do with a pressure cooker still – distil alcohol and make moonshine etc, or to purify unclean or salty water to make it safe for drinking. The purpose of this post is to focus on the latter!

When used to purify salty seawater, once the heat is applied, water vapour is produced, the water vapour escapes and condenses in the copper pipe, before running out into the bucket. The salt is left behind in the pressure cooker, with the water in the bucket now being salt-free, and safe to drink.

Basically, the tutorial below demonstrates that several meters of copper tubing, a 5-gallon bucket and a pressure cooker equal a fully functioning pressure cooker still.  If you live by the coast or an unclean water source, build one of these and you’ll always have emergency water for you and your family to drink. This method could also be adapted to work outdoors over a campfire or portable gas camp stove.

If you are prepping for an SHTF total collapse, building a simple pressure cooker still like this makes a lot of sense. It provides a method to purify all water sources and it gives you the means to distil alcohol, which can be used for consumption, medical use and bartering.

How To Make A Still With A Pressure Cooker

(Photo from: lemonie via Instructables)
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