Find Out How To Build A DIY Backyard ‘Jar Beehive’

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Find Out How To Build A DIY Backyard ‘Jar Beehive

It seems strange to me now that K.W.N has been online for just over a year (2013), and we have done 100s of DIY, emergency preparedness and homesteading posts, BUT this is the first post we have done about beekeeping…

I keep reading about small-scale beehives in jars, apparently, with a bit of planning and consideration, a small jar beehive can even work well in a suburban garden. Anyway, I have done a bit of research and I found this jar beehive tutorial on a website called Remove and Replace. The tutorial lists all the materials required together with build photos and some rather brief building instructions. After a bit more research I found the YouTube video tutorial below, from Dave’s Homestead that goes into more detail on how to build a jar beehive.

UPDATE — since this post was published I have found some additional jar beehive tutorials. ‘Mason Jar Beekeeping Step-by-Step Guide’ and ‘An Introduction to Mason Jar Beekeeping

I think between the written tutorials and the video tutorial below there is enough information and advice for you to be able to get cracking and start building your own small backyard jar beehive.

How to Build a Mason Jar Honey Super

(Photo from: Remove And Replace)
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