How To Make 168 Hour Candles From Crisco

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How To Make 168 Hour Candles From Crisco for facebook

Long burn, emergency candles are expensive. Crisco isn’t and you can make several emergency candles from one can of Crisco!

I know what you are thinking though… A Crisco candle is going to stink, right? But no, it doesn’t stink at all and I must admit I thought it would too.

Check out the two videos below which show how to make long-lasting candles from Crisco. My advice then is to keep a few cans of Crisco in the cupboard and keep some wicks/string handy. In a pinch, you have cheap, incredibly long-lasting candles, which you could even eat if you got really desperate!

This Crisco jar candle lasts for an incredible 168 hours!

The use of cheap, thin taper candles as wicks is an excellent idea. They are easier/cleaner to insert into the candle and they stabilise the wick better during use. If you are using smaller/shorter jars, I imagine that you could use birthday cake candles as they are likely even cheaper to buy.

Secrets For Getting A Crisco Candle To Last For 7 Straight Days! (+Burn Test)

The most simple Crisco candle that you can make…

One thing I would do differently to the video is – I find it easier to use a straw to insert the wick.  Simply cut your wick to size, insert it into the straw and then use the straw to slide the wick in the Crisco, easy! It is preferable to buy and use proper wicks as these burn better, but at a push, any similar-sized cord will do if you are stuck.

How to make an Emergency Crisco candle
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