Bulletproof Coffee: Lasting Energy & Great For Weight Loss

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Bulletproof Coffee

Firstly, I do not claim to be the original creator/inventor of bulletproof coffee. The original recipe was developed by Dave Asprey, also known as the Bulletproof Executive… I wholeheartedly thank Dave for his awesome contribution, but my recipe (like many other variations) is going to be more natural and a way, way cheaper version… The thing is, Dave Asprey creates and markets his own special coffee & coconut oil to make his bulletproof coffee – Dave says these ingredients increase the benefits of drinking the coffee, but one thing they will certainly do is decrease your bank balance, as both his products cost an absolute fortune!

Basically bulletproof coffee is black coffee with added grass-fed butter and coconut oil. I know it sounds disgusting, but I assure you it is totally delicious and it makes you feel amazing. When made right it is very rich and creamy, reminiscent of a latte. The idea of adding butter to coffee may seem a little strange, but countries all around the world have done this since forever. Do me (and yourself) a favour – finish reading this post, then get out and get some grass-fed butter and some coconut oil and give this a try…

Health Benefits

The fat in the grass-fed butter CLAs (conjugated linoleic acids) and the MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) from the coconut oil will keep you full/satisfied and full of energy for hours; whilst at the same time, the caffeine in the coffee gives you a mental boost which keeps you alert and focused. My own personal experience is the bulletproof coffee doesn’t create a big crash afterwards like drinking straight coffee. I guess it must be something to do with the mixture of the fats, as I feel fully energized for three to four hours after drinking and then things just gradually return to normal.

There are loads of additional health benefits of the combined ingredients of bulletproof coffee, such as dramatic weight loss, helping build muscle (athletes have known about, and have used, MCTs for years) and improving cholesterol to name a few. Google – ‘ health benefits of bulletproof coffee’  ‘ health benefits of grass-fed butter’  ‘ health benefits of coconut oil’ to find out more.

Personally I drink bulletproof coffee in the morning as a breakfast replacement (that’s right, it is that good and filling, it can keep you going until lunch!), or I drink it during the daytime if I am feeling flat and fatigued. Additionally, I am a keen runner and I have recently been drinking bulletproof coffee before running, and I have noticed a quite dramatic increase in energy and endurance when running.

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

You will need 

  • Unsalted grass-fed butter (Kerrygold etc). It’s very important that the butter is from grass-fed cows, as this the butter with the most CLAs.
  • Coconut oil (organic ideally).
  • Coffee beans (organic/best quality you can afford).
  • A blender (hand blender will do).

To make one portion

Brew your black coffee as normal and then pour your normal amount into the blender (or jug if using a hand blender). Add one tablespoon of the butter and one tablespoon of the coconut oil. Now blend for 20 seconds, or until it has all mixed together and there is a lovely creamy head. When done right it should look just like an awesome latte. Now pour into a cup and enjoy.

Bulletproof coffee is a game-changer, if you’d like to increase your energy, focus and performance, whilst improving your health, give this a go! And when you do, make sure you tell all your friends and family too…

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