Amazing Two-Step Cold & Flu Remedy

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Cold home remedy

This simple two-step adult home cold and flu remedy can at best, have you better and symptom-free within 12-14 hours, and at the very least, it should dramatically shorten the time of illness AND allow you to continue to function at around 90% of normal during the illness… Give it a try!

Cold/Flu Remedy: Step One

As soon (very important!) as you start to feel under-the-weather, lay on your side and pour 5ml (a teaspoon) of 3% hydrogen peroxide into your ear (a dropper makes it easier!). Leave it in your ear until it stops bubbling, then drain your ear, and repeat with the other ear. Repeat 4-6 hours later.

This remedy has quite remarkable results with many people. I can find no hard-and-fast explanation for why this works, but it just seems to be amazing for loads of people (myself included). Don’t knock it until you try it!

Cold/Flu Remedy: Step Two

Either before, or right after doing ‘step one’, take 10mg of zinc, and then another 10mg of zinc at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do this daily (3x 10mg zinc dosage) until the cold/flu is better. Taking zinc at the beginning and during colds/flu, lessens the severity of the symptoms and dramatically shortens the period of illness. Stop taking the zinc supplement once you are better, as long-term high dose zinc can have side effects.

I am not a doctor or medical expert – I have simply researched and used these very popular home remedies to a level that satisfies my own needs. As with all home remedies we post about, I recommend you do further research to be sure you are happy and satisfied before trying the home remedy.

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