5 Incredible Uses For Diatomaceous & Some Home Remedies

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Diatomaceous Earth Uses

In recent years, the topic of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has increased in mainstream consciousness. This unique compound is derived from fossilized phytoplankton, and its uses range from killing parasites in chickens to promoting healthier teeth and bones. If you’re curious regarding the use of this ancient fossil for modern healing and health, then continue on to discover the 5 incredibly useful and innovative uses for this ancient compound.

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5 Incredible Uses for Diatomaceous Earth

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#1 | Natural and Effective Diatomaceous Earth Toothpaste

Due to the unique composition of DE, it’s among one of the greatest all-natural products to strengthen, whiten and protect your teeth. While it does feature slight abrasive qualities, it’s gentle enough to safely scrape away plaque and food particles from between teeth without damaging its enamel. Simply sprinkle a little DE over your favourite toothpaste and experience a natural way to brighten your smile.

#2 | All Natural Diatomaceous Earth Deodorant

The list of negative studies regarding the use of commercially-produced deodorants as it blocks your body’s natural ability to sweat and release toxins. Because of this, many are turning to all-natural alternatives; however, those with sensitive skin may develop rashes or irritation after using such products. DE is an excellent alternative as it inhibits the formation of bacteria that causes body odour without hindering your sweat glands.

#3 | Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Because DE features a slight abrasive nature, it makes the perfect natural alternative to an exfoliating facial scrub. Due to its mineral concentration, such as calcium, zinc, copper and selenium, your skin is treated on the cellular level while dirt and debris is thoroughly lifted away. To utilize this remedy, mix one tablespoon of diatomaceous earth with aloe vera juice or coconut oil until a thick paste is created. Simply rub this solution on your face for one to two minutes and rinse clean with warm water.

#4 | Nourishing Shampoo

DE features a high silica concentration, which makes it an excellent product to nourish and treat your hair. To utilize this remedy, simply add 1 to 2 tablespoons of DE powder with a quarter-size amount of shampoo and thoroughly scrub. The unique composition of DE treats your hair by removing dirt and debris while injecting a large amount of nourishing minerals directly into hair follicles.

#5 | Eliminate Bed Bugs with Diatomaceous Earth

Should you be suffering from a bed bug infestation, the use of DE is just as powerful – if not more – than the leasing chemical pesticide. Did you know many bed bugs have mutated to become immune to the active compounds in popular pesticide products, which renders them useless against an infestation? DE is a powerful option as it is capable of penetrating through the shell of bed bugs and literally drying them out. Simply sprinkle DE powder along with your mattress and anywhere else bed bugs may rest to effectively eradicate these pests from your home.

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