Try This Homemade Rat Poison Recipe – Just 3 Ingredients!

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Try This Homemade Rat Poison Recipe – Just 3 Ingredients for facebook

From time to time, we have had problems with rats… We didn’t want to pay a small fortune on rat poison or a professional pest control service, so this got me wondering whether there were any cheaper (and safer) homemade rat poison/killer recipes or options. After some research and experimenting, we feel this is the best and safest homemade rat poison option for most people to try.

This DIY rat poison is made from just plaster of Paris, oatmeal, sugar and water. Until mixed together it is completely safe for children and pets. This DIY option is probably the cheapest rat poison you will find anywhere.

How To Make This Homemade Rat Poison



Homemade rat poison recipe

Homemade Rat Poison Recipe Instructions

  • Measure out equal amounts of oatmeal and plaster of Paris into a mixing bowl or bucket, add a handful of sugar and then add water to mix into a dough.
  • Once you have a basic dough, break off chunks and roll it into golfball-sized balls.
  • Simply place these balls of DIY rat poison in locations where rats have been seen. As with conventional rat poison, don’t position the bait anywhere pets, children or other wildlife will come into contact with them.
  • Check each day and replace where they have been eaten. Keep replacing daily until they are no longer being eaten.

The homemade rat poison apparently works because once consumed, the plaster of Paris partially sets in the rat’s stomach and can’t be digested. It’s not a pleasant death, but none of the commercially available rat poisons provides a painless, quick death either. In fact, most cause an agonisingly slow death as the rat ingests more and more poison over days and weeks.

Why Try A DIY Rat Poison?

You may be wondering why someone might try a homemade recipe, but the thing most people don’t realize about conventional rat poison is that rats have to keep eating it over several days for it to build up in their system enough to kill them. With this in mind, to effectively treat a rat infestation, you need a lot of poison (which gets very expensive) as you need to keep putting it down day after day until it is not getting eaten anymore…

The ingredients in this homemade rat poison recipe cost very little, so it is very cheap to keep using until all the rats have been killed. Additionally, commercial rat poison can be very dangerous to pets and children when it is stored unused. This DIY rat poison recipe is made and mixed as required. When it is stored, it is simply a bag of oatmeal, a bag of sugar and a bag of plaster of Paris.

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