12 Survival Uses for Duct Tape

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12 Survival Uses for Duct Tape

Duct tape has gained almost a cult following due to its wide array of uses. Whether you wish to make a custom wallet or the most colourful dress at the party, duct tape does far more than secure and item. While it features many quirky and fun uses, duct tape has become the go-to item for survivalists throughout the world. Explore how this everyday item could potentially save your life if caught in an emergency situation.

Tent Repair

A leaky or drafty tent could mean the difference between staying safe and warm or being exposed to dangerous elements. Repair tears and holes with a roll of duct tape. Patch the tear or hole by covering with a layer of duct tape on the exterior and interior side of your tent. This is also an excellent fix if your tent zipper has broken. Simply place the tape along the zipper line of the tent.

Repair Your Water Bottle

Patch holes in your water container by placing a small strip of duct tape directly over the holes. IMPORTANT: Make sure the water bottle is empty and completely dry before applying the tape, as it doesn’t stick to wet surfaces. Enhance this fix by completely wrapping the water bottle with duct tape.

Create a Homemade Spear

Grab a pole and attach your camping knife to its tip by wrapping it with several layers of duct tape. This survivalist method turns these two common items into a deadly spear to ward off animal attacks or to catch dinner.

Secure a Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankles could potentially put you and your hiking group in serious danger, especially if you must escape a potentially dangerous situation. Secure a sprained ankle by wrapping it with duct tape. While not a permanent fix, the tape will secure the ankle enough to provide mobility.

Care for Blisters

Whether on your feet or hands, blisters can not only make common movements painful, but if left exposed to the elements, it could become seriously infected. Place a layer of cotton gauze or bandages over the blister and secure with duct tape.

Create Watertight Boots

Prevent water and/or dirt from entering your boots by wrapping the top of the boots with duct tape. Add an extra layer of protection by tightening the ends of your pants with duct tape. Tightly wrap duct tape around the ankle of your pants to prevent dirt, water or bugs from crawling up your legs.

Make Rope

While not the most ideal usage, create decently strong ropes by rolling several pieces of duct tape together in a spiral formation. This method creates a multi-layered rope ideal for securing items or stringing up between trees as a clothes line.

Secure Shelter

If you don’t have a tent, but need to escape the elements, duct tape can be used to secure items, such as a trash bag or a tarp, to trees. Use several layers of duct tape to ensure its security, especially if it’s raining.

Secure Bandages and Splints

Keep bandages (or broken bones) from moving, or being damaged or getting wet, by applying several layers of duct tape over a bandage or an emergency splint. Make sure a sterile dressing fully covers the wound before applying duct tape.

Reseal Cans of Food

Prevent food from going to waste by creating a makeshift can food lid. Fashion a lid out of duct tape by placing a single strip along the centre of the can. Add strips along the left and right side, making sure each strip overlaps the other, until the opening of the can is enclosed in tape.

Catch Flies Without Chemicals

In the summer months, flies in your tent can prove to be a real nuisance. Eliminate these pesky insects by securing 3 to 5 strips of duct tape from the roof of your tent. The sticky side of the tape acts as fly paper, without the harmful chemicals. As the strips become full of flies, simply crumple up into a ball and throw away.

Create a Belt

When your pants are too big, and you don’t have a belt, the sagging clothing can be not only annoying, but potentially dangerous in an emergency situation. Secure your pants by running a strip of duct tape through your belt loops. Allow the tape to overlap 4 to 5 inches and tighten.

12 Survival Uses For Duct Tape

If you don’t have any duct tape, get some! Seriously, it is crazy you don’t have any… There is a use for duct tape in almost any situation you can think of, everything from around the home, DIY through to medical and survival uses.  Don’t leave home without it!

Quick tip – if you want to carry duct tape with you in your hiking/camping or bug-out bag, don’t take the whole bulky roll; instead carefully wrap your water bottle in duct tape. This will protect your water bottle from bumps and allow you to carry some duct tape without any effort or too much additional weight.

Here is some of the best duct tape you can get: 3M Scotch Heavy Duty All-Weather Duct Tape

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