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Stink bugs are a huge pain in the a**. Once these small pests take over your home, most people call for pest control professionals with their chemicals to eradicate them for good. Before you resort to the professionals spraying your entire home with chemical insecticides, why not give some of these traditional stink bug home remedies a try first?

Before we get to the stink bug remedies, I should point out that once you have stink bugs in your home, the number one most effective (safe) way of getting rid of them is with stink bug traps. A while back we wrote a post showing how to build your own, incredibly effective DIY stink bug trap (see the link!), instead of purchasing the largely ineffective and expensive store-bought versions.  I highly recommend you check out this stink bug post first. You can then build some DIY stink bug traps and use them in conjunction with some of the traditional stink bug remedies below.

BTW – We have just published a new post about how to make a Homemade Stink Bug Spray for use indoors and around the home. It contains just water, vinegar and dish soap so it’s totally safe to use throughout your home.

We are on a roll with the anti-stink bug posts — we have just discovered another ridiculously simple homemade cheap stink bug trap. This trap was tested by Virginia Tech and found to be hugely more effective than $50 store-bought traps.

Soapy Water Stink Bug Spray

A soapy water solution sprayed on stink bugs basically causes them to dry up and die. It works on eggs as well as adult bugs, but the problem is that you just spray it directly on the bugs for it to work properly. This solution works best when combined with other natural remedies for a full home eradication of the pests.

To make the solution, combine around a litre (32 oz) of warm water with 180 ml (3/4 cup) liquid dish detergent. Put the solution in a spray bottle and get hunting.

Garlic Stink Bug Spray

This solution is perfect for fleas as well, both inside and outside of the home. Garlic spray is made by mixing boiling water with garlic and allowing it to steep overnight. Once added to a spray bottle, the concentrated solution can be sprayed on entryways as a barrier to prevent the stink bugs from entering your home, or practically anywhere else within the home. It needs to be sprayed at least once a week to prevent stink bugs from returning.

Mint Spray Stink Bug Repellent

The scent of garlic may be something that you simply do not want to have in your home in which case there is a less odorous way to prevent stink bugs. Mint is a deterrent for many bugs including stink bugs. Mix the spray by adding around 10 drops of peppermint essential oil to two cups of water.  Again, you can spray the solution throughout your home on any type of surface to prevent bugs from entering and ward off the ones that are already there.

Eradicate Stink Bugs in the Garden

One of the easiest ways to prevent stink bugs is by eliminating their favourite places to hide. Although most stink bug infestations are not noticed until the bugs find their way into the home, they all start outside. A well-groomed yard free of weeds and debris is the best way to keep away stink bugs; they tend to hide out in weeds of all types and simply wait for an opportunity to enter the home.  You can also use a garlic yard spray to kill stink bugs outdoors. See our garden yard spray for fleas post. This same spray is equally effective against both stink bugs and fleas.

A stink bug infestation should not be ignored. It will not simply go away and will only get worse if not dealt with properly. Stink bugs can find their way into any home at any time of the year, so make sure that you keep your home as clean as possible and employ some of these preventative solutions. Your home is for you and your family and not for the hordes of pests attempting to infiltrate it. Try these stink bug remedies first, before resorting to spraying potent chemical insecticides throughout your home and outdoor spaces.

(Stink bug images from: Wikipedia)
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