Natural Toothache Remedy For Instant Pain Relief With Clove Oil

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Natural toothache home remedy

Toothache, like earache, is no joke; minor ailment but a huge amount of pain. Next time you or one of your family is suffering from a toothache, give this simple natural remedy a try…

The remedy is clove, you can use whole clove, ground clove or ideally clove oil. I know, I can hear you saying nothing new here, it’s that same old clove toothache remedy, and you’d be right, HOWEVER, how many of you have actually tried it? Many of us are aware of popular old-timer home remedies and we instantly dismiss them as hogwash. If I am honest I was the same way about the clove toothache remedy, that was until I tried it… There is nothing new here other than me urging you to give this natural remedy a try the next time your or a family member has toothache. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Natural Toothache Remedy For Instant Pain Relief

You will need some salt, olive oil, cotton balls, gloves, ground cloves or clove oil. Clove oil is best, if cloves or ground cloves is what you have, use that.

Before either method, firstly swill your mouth thoroughly with some warm salty water. It’s important so don’t miss out on this step!

Clove oil method – mix 3-4 drops of clove oil with around half a teaspoon of olive oil and then soak a cotton ball in the mixture. Now place and hold it in your mouth against the sore tooth or gum. Once the pain has eased, spit out the cotton ball and discard it. Do not use this method in bed at night as it’s obviously a choking hazard.

Whole cloves/ground cloves method – if you have whole cloves you need to ground them up, as it is ground cloves we need. Take a large pinch of the ground cloves and pack it against the sore tooth or gum. Again leave in place until the pain has eased and then spit out.

This clove toothache remedy will only ease the pain of the toothache. It does nothing to treat the cause of the toothache itself.

Additionally, I have also added a home remedy for the toothache infographic below. The infographic includes some additional toothache home remedies you can try.

21 Home Remedies For Toothache

Toothache home remedies infographic

100% Natural Homemade Antibacterial Toothpaste Recipe

I am quite surprised by just how many requests I have received to post about homemade toothpaste. It seems an awful lot of you are not fans of fluoride! Having read up on this a bit I can see why, but what also concerns me is the use of Sodium Lareth Sulfate in most toothpaste…

SLS is a chemical detergent and foaming agent.  It is often found in liquid soap, shower gels and shampoo and it is a common skin irritant. It is thought that some people who experience regular mouth ulcers and swollen gums, could be sensitive to SLS.

Anyway, whatever your reason for wanting to make your own natural toothpaste, here is an excellent recipe from ‘Thank Your Body’. It contains coconut oil, bentonite clay, sea salt, peppermint essential oil. You can purchase bentonite clay from Amazon, this $9.99 bag will make enough toothpaste to last a year or more

A Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe

If you want an easy to make, fluoride-free toothpaste recipe that ‘apparently’ helps to remineralize your teeth and strengthen the tooth enamel, this toothpaste recipe from ‘Keeper Of The Home’ contains the wonder ingredient – coconut oil.

(Image from Wikipedia. Infographic from: Survival Life)
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