How To Store & Keep Gasoline Fresh Long Term


With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the rising fuel costs and uncertainty, lots of people will be thinking about stockpiling some gasoline. Storing gasoline isn’t as straightforward as you might think though. In fact, did you know that gasoline can deteriorate and start to break down in as little as 30 days… Read on […]

How To Get 4000 Prepping, Survival & Homesteading eBooks, Docs & PDFs


Firstly, I cannot tell you how excited I was when I figured out how to get access to these 4000 ebooks, PDF and Word docs… These downloadable files cover every imaginable subject and project related to emergency preparedness, survival, homesteading and off-grid living. They were originally compiled into a directory and put online on a […]

US State By State Spider Guide And Spider Identification Chart


If you don’t know your Brown Recluse from a Wolf Spider, or a Black Widow from an Orb Weaver, you might want to check out the infographic below. If you ever get bitten by a spider you want to know which one got you and how venomous it is or isn’t. At the bottom of […]

9 SHTF & Day-To-Day Uses For Garden Solar Lights

Garden solar lights cost as little as $1-2 each, but they can be incredibly useful and versatile. In fact, their cost to usefulness ratio is off the chart as a $2 solar garden light can replace and, in some cases, improve upon several more expensive (or disposable) items and gadgets. BTW – if you have […]