10 Ways To Make Some Money When Living Off-The-Grid

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Make money off-grid

Do you desire a life that’s less dependent on the ability and services of faceless businesses? Is your desire to be truly self­ sufficient stronger than your desire to be “taken care of” by corporations? Living off the grid harkens back to a simpler time when humans took care of themselves using the resources found in their immediate surroundings.

Regardless of your self­ sufficiency, there is always a need for some form of income. While you may not wish to get rich, the following 10 ways to make an income while living off-grid offer a means of financial stability to help purchase essential life items.

Sell Your Art

A common skill set for many who live off the grid is creativity. Whether you’re skilled at carving wooden sculptures or knitting scarves, if you have artistic ability, you can make some money. While the first piece of advice from many outlets is to sell artwork on online websites, such as Etsy, many who live off the grid wish to avoid establishing an online presence.

Using local farmer’s markets, flea markets or even setting up shop in antique stores can draw in a decent income. Think outside of the digital box when it comes to marketing and selling your

Sell Herbal Tinctures

The marketplace for holistic medicines and herbal tinctures has never been greater. While many choose to stay connected to the grid, there are equally as many who desire a more natural
approach to healing common ailments. If you’re a herbalist, either professional or amateur, create your own herbal tinctures and tonics. Sell and market these items at flea markets, farmers’ markets or online, if you wish to connect for the sole purpose of making money.

Sell Naturally Produced Honey

Beekeeping is an excellent option for those who live off the grid as it provides two benefits: an opportunity to make money selling honey while simultaneously helping the ever ­dwindling bee
population. While becoming a beekeeper and harvesting honey requires specialized equipment and training, there are many online and offline resources to aid in this quest to make money while
simultaneously helping the bee population.

House Painting Services

Regardless of where you live, there’s always a need for professional painting services. If you have experience painting interior and/or exterior walls, then you may have an opportunity to cash in on this experience. Create fliers describing your services and rates. Place these fliers on community bulletin boards found in recreation centres, libraries or in local businesses. Want to take a more proactive approach? Contact businesses directly soliciting your services.

Pet Sitting Service

If you live off the grid, then you likely have ample outdoor space. Utilize this space by offering pet sitting services for friends, family and community members. While this may not be
ideal for every person, if you love animals and have a desire to make some extra cash, pet sitting maybe your best moneymaking option.

Provide Horse Riding Lessons

Are you a horse lover? Do you enjoy instructing others on enjoying the freedom and connection between a rider and the horse? If so, then create fliers to promote horse riding lessons. This is especially effective if you live in horse­heavy communities and locations.

Sell Fruits and Vegetables

When you live off the grid, you probably have a well­ developed garden. While you rely on the fruits and vegetables you’ve cultivated to feed you and your family if you have extra, consider
selling these items at a local farmer’s market or flea market. Many consumers prefer buying goods from local farmers due to their freshness and lack of commercially ­used pesticides.

Babysitting Services

Whether you want to babysit for your friends, family or strangers, establishing a babysitting service is among the most effective ways to earn some money while staying disconnected from
the grid. Call all your friends and family to offer these services, and consider networking with your local church group or placing fliers on a community bulletin board.

Write a Book About Living Off-Grid

Even if you’ve never written a book before, there’s a growing interest and desire to learn how to become self ­sufficient and living off-grid. Feed their desire for knowledge, while feeding your bank account, by writing a guidebook for off-grid living. You can sell this book online as an eBook, at flea markets or by sending the manuscript to a traditional publishing house.

Offer Gardening Classes

If you’re an accomplished gardener, the fruits of your labour can be more than fresh greens for your salad. Offer gardening how­to classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced­ level gardeners. This allows you the ability to expand your network of gardeners while earning a nice income doing what you love.

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