How To Build An AWESOME 80 Pou...

So you want to get into archery but you have been put off by the cost of traditional long bows and archery equipment? How would you like to build a long bow on the cheap, which is easily powerful enough to hunt with? Check out the two videos about from the Backyard Bowyer and see […]

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The 4 Golden Rules Of Cast-Iro...

Rule 1: Don’t wash cast-iron cookware like normal pots and pans. Don’t wash cast-iron cookware like normal pots and pans. Dishwasher detergent and dish soap will remove the seasoning (oil coating) on the skillets etc, that is required for successful cooking and storage. If the seasoning is removed, food will stick to the cookware, and when […]

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How To Make A Bow Drill &...

Not as well known in the US as he is in the UK and Europe, Ray Mears is a bushcraft expert with decades of experience, plus various books and TV shows to his name. He really knows his stuff! Here Ray demonstrates how to make a bow drill and start fire. He shows how to […]

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How to Open a Locked Padlock w...

There are many emergency and survival scenarios where you may need to get past a locked padlock, but you don’t have the key. There are obvious ways around smaller padlocks – smashing/shooting them but these strategies, but in a SHTF scenario these can attract unwanted attention and might not be successful anyway. Here is an excellent way to […]

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Make a BETTER Pocket Sized Sod...

A while back I did a post: Make a Tiny Pocket Sized Stove with 2 Soda Cans in 30 Minutes I said then that that there are many variations on the soda can stove and that that particular one was the quickest/easiest to make, but not the most effective one to use.  Now it’s time to progress to a […]

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How & Where To Forage For Wild Onions (Also Known As Wild Garlic)

Wild onions and wild garlic is the same plant. In the spring and summer they look like green onions and in the fall they have little garlic looking bulbs on top of the stem. They taste somewhere in between green onions and garlic, so it is no wonder some folks call them wild garlic and […]


33 Genius Uses For Old Garden Hose

I think it is pretty much a fact that if you have a backyard, you have some old garden hose laying around someplace… I know we do! (I hate garden hose BTW, it always kinks and gets caught on things, so annoying!) I had never considered that garden hose could actually be useful for something […]


8 Delicious Homemade Country Wine Recipes

We did a post a while back about making country wines at home and we got lot of messages asking for more country wine recipes… Just to clear up for those that aren’t sure – a country wine is a wine made from fruit, flowers, herbs, or a combination. The best thing about country wines is […]


Feed A Family Of 6 For Less Than $400 A Month (Including Diapers!)

There are two lots of people reading this – one is going ‘blah feeding a family of 6 for $400 is easy’, and the others are going ‘how on earth do you feed a family of six for just $400 a month?’ The things is if you eat low quality food it is easy to […]


Why You Should NEVER Wash Chicken

Firstly washing raw chicken purchased from the supermarket or butcher  is a totally new concept to me… I have never washed chicken and I wasn’t aware (until now) that anyone else was washing their chicken meat either… Given that we all know that raw chicken contains harmful bacteria (most notably a bacteria called campylobacter) in the […]


12 Homemade Wood Burning Stoves & Heater Tutorials

We really want to get a wood burning stove to supplement our heating (to be honest we want one for the atmosphere created by a wood burning stove just as much!) Nothing beats the smell and warmth of a wood burning stove… The problem is – if you want to purchase a ready made wood […]


Easy To Make Herbal Migraine Remedy

I suffer with very infrequent migraines, I get maybe one or two a year, but when the come, boy do they knock me for six. I am in agony and vomiting for six to ten hours and then I am totally exhausted the day after, and even for a few days after if it was […]


How To Make Beautiful Braided T-Shirt Rugs For Nothing

If there is one thing I seem to have loads of, it is old t-shirts… I just never seem to throw them out or donate them, but luckily I now have a use for them! These DIY braided t-shirt rugs can be made any size/shape you like and they are perfect for the bedroom or the […]


The Most Effective Way To Treat Sunburn (100% Natural!)

Obviously the best way to treat sunburn is to prevent it in the first place… Clothing, shade and sunscreen etc. That’s not helpful to the folks reading this with their skin already on fire though, so here’s how to treat your sunburn if it’s already too late… The Most Effective Way To Treat Sunburn You […]


How To Build This Beautiful Herb Or Strawberry Vertical Planter

If you are looking for a relatively simple free DIY backyard project for the weekend, you have come to the right place! Down below is a link that contains the build tutorial to build this beautiful vertical planter. The DIY tutorial includes the full materials, measurements and build instructions. It is also in a PDF […]


Easy To Make DIY Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

Nobody likes mosquitos… At best they are a nuisance, at worst, due to diseases they can carry, they are deadly. Now I haven’t tried these DIY plastic bottle mosquito traps, but they are very cheap/easy to make, and how they work with the yeast and CO2 makes a lot of sense as I know mosquitoes […]


27 Delicious Camping Recipes & Treats To Try On Your Next Camping Trip

Cooking outdoors when camping is one of the best things about camping. The thing is – if you are anything like us, each time you go camping you revert to the simple tried and tested meals you have cooked successfully before when camping… The link below features a selection of awesome campfire recipes and clever […]


High-Deductible Health Plan: How To Cut Costs & Save Money

Ok so this is a break from the norm on Knowledge Weighs Nothing, but I saw this and I thought that with the 30,000 daily visitors to K.W.N, this could really helps lots of folks struggling with their high-deductible health plans. In fact I guess unless you have a HDHP you probably wouldn’t be here […]


How To Build This Awesome Space-Saving Sliding Cabinet

Almost everyone has some space to spare next to their refrigerator in the kitchen, but lots of people don’t have enough cupboard space. Do you see where I am going with this? The photo of the DIY space-saving sliding cabinet probably gave it away too… This is a great way to utilize a small slot […]