AMAZING DIY Stink Bug Trap Tha...

I hate stink bugs! It’s those super sticky feet that get me… Yuck! I hate the way you can catch one in cup or jar etc, open the window and give it a shake and then when you close the window and go to put the cup/jar down, you notice the stink bug is still […]

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How To Get All The Firewood Yo...

With the cost of living skyrocketing in areas all throughout the country, many consumers are seeking out cheap, or preferably free, ways to curve their utility bills. When it comes to heating your home throughout the winter months, a wood burning stove effectively warms your living spaces without burning through your bank account. To further […]

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Ditch the Non-Stick: Exposing ...

There’s nothing quite worse than diligently working in the kitchen to prepare a wondrous meal, only to have your foods stick to the pan. While there are many ways to alleviate this situation, such as spraying the pan with olive oil, many choose to forego this method by cooking with non-stick cookware. Although the concept […]

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Coconut Oil Pulling – 3,000 Ye...

The concept of oil pulling is nothing new. In fact, evidence of this oral therapy dates back over 3,000 years when Ayurvedic practitioners utilized the compounds in oil to protect teeth and prevent a host of oral conditions. In the most fundamental sense, it seems oil pulling is nothing more than a form of mouthwash. […]

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36 Knockout Cast Iron Skillet ...

As I have gotten older I have realized the value of buying quality items in the first instance, rather than buying cheap and discarding, and then buying the higher quality item anyway. Buying cheap is  a false economy and never more so is this demonstrated than with cast iron cookware. Bite the bullet and invest […]

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Green Tea & Cinnamon – Fat Blitzing Tea Recipe

It seems almost impossible to open a magazine or stroll through your local grocery store without being bombarded by diet and weight loss advertising. While most diets and weight loss programs are nothing more than big promises highlighted by bland food and disappointed weigh-ins, it seems one of the most effective weight loss tools is […]


The Awesome Frugal Christmas: How To Save Christmas When Times Are Hard

The holiday season. For many, it’s a time for celebration, and for many more it’s time of expenses and digging into their savings account. Believe it or not, there’s a way to have a full Christmas season, filled with delicious foods and presents galore, without having to take out a second mortgage. Explore the various […]


This Tool Calculates How Much You Pay For Your “Energy Vampires”

It seems that everything we buy these days comes with a charger or power-pack that is pretty much left on 24/7. We all have cellphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, PVR, TV, games consoles, microwaves and power tools, and if we are honest, many of these are left plugged in and switched on 24 hours a day… […]


Why You Should Consider Growing Duckweed At Home

Also known as Lesser Duckweed, this common plan is generally found floating on the surface of marshes, ponds, slow-moving streams and lakes. While this may be among the smallest flowering plants in the world, Duckweed features powerful nutrients ideal for not only your livestock, but also your family. If you’re searching for a natural, cost-effective […]


12 Survival Uses for Duct Tape

Duct tape has gained almost a cult following due to its wide array of uses. Whether you wish to make a custom wallet or the most colourful dress at the party, duct tape does far more than secure and item. While it features many quirky and fun uses, duct tape has become the go-to item […]


524 Amazing Ways To Reuse Things You’d Normally Throw Away

They say one person’s trash is another person’s gold, but in this case YOUR trash is your gold! You’ll be amazed at all the things you can do with things your throw away, not to mention how much money you can save reusing some of the items… I love recycling and re-purposing stuff, as it […]


5 Things Every Homesteader Should Consider Purchasing

Whether you’re seeking to live a simpler life in the woods or wish to enhance your survivalist equipment should there be a major emergency, there are several pieces of equipment that are invaluable. While specific investments may vary based upon your location and level of need, the following investments are ideal for all homesteaders and […]


Vehicle Emergency Kit: 17 Items Everyone Should Have In Their Car This Winter

There’s not a single person who foresees themselves needing a vehicle emergency kit; however, should the unfortunate occur, these kits can mean the difference between surviving harsh winter nights or succumbing to the icy touch of Father Winter. While there are many items you should have in your vehicle emergency kit, the following 15 items […]


How To Get All The Firewood You Need To Heat Your Home Without Spending A Penny

With the cost of living skyrocketing in areas all throughout the country, many consumers are seeking out cheap, or preferably free, ways to curve their utility bills. When it comes to heating your home throughout the winter months, a wood burning stove effectively warms your living spaces without burning through your bank account. To further […]


11 Simple Ways To Prep Your Home For Winter (And Save On Your Heating Costs)

As warm summer breezes give way to crisp winter chills, the amount of clothing you wear isn’t the only thing increasing. With home heating costs continually rising, many are searching for simple and cheap ways to winterize and warm their homes. If you’re searching for a way to keep the cold out, and the monthly […]


No-Knead Skillet Bread (The Different & Easier Way To Bake Bread)

There’s nothing quite like fresh baked bread. Unfortunately, traditional bread recipes are often too complex for those with little cooking experience ­ or those who simply don’t have the proper ingredients. Thankfully, this no­-knead skillet bread recipe exists to provide an easier way to great, homemade bread. This is a basic­ level recipe. Feel free […]


10 Ways To Make Some Money When Trying To Live Off-The-Grid

Do you desire a life that’s less dependent on the ability and services of faceless businesses? Is your desire to be truly self­ sufficient stronger than your desire to be “taken care of” by corporations? Living off the grid harkens back to a simpler time, when humans took care of themselves using the resources found […]


UK Take Action To Prepare For Solar Flares & EMPs

Short of natural localized disasters, I believe the biggest threat we should be prepared for is an EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse), caused by a large solar flare. This might seem like science fiction to some, but it has already happened before in 1859, but luckily we didn’t have the huge dependence of electricity or electrical products. Google […]


6 Unusual, But Very Effective Household Uses for a Hair Dryer

The hair dryer makes an appearance in millions of homes throughout the World each morning, but have you ever wondered what this common appliance is capable of beyond drying hair? Remove Price Tags and Stickers Have you ever spent more time than you’re willing to admit scratching away at a price tag, only to resign […]