14 Reasons Why You Should Have...

When I was growing up, my mother used to put witch hazel on everything! Bug bites – witch hazel; bruises – witch hazel; cuts – witch hazel. I used to think she was crazy, possibly even a witch herself!  Now I am older I know better and that she was actually on to something all […]

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Honey As Medicine: Kills Bacte...

Honey is such a pure, beautiful, natural substance. The way it is made by the bees is amazing, it tastes amazing, it never spoils (unspoilt jars have been found in Egypt over 1000 years old!) and what a lot of people don’t realize is honey is actually excellent for first aid too. Honey has antifungal […]

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One Man’s Genius Idea For Grow...

James over at hometalk.com has come up with an awesome way of growing bumper crops of tomatoes with very little effort. James came up with an innovative way to water and feed the tomatoes using a garbage bin. Not only does it result in huge tomato crops, it is a much easier way to grow tomatoes […]

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41 Green Ways To Save Money ($...

It seems quite obvious to me that we are screwing our planet up at a rate far greater than previous generations. Lots of people also seem to be struggling and a lot less well off now too. Therefore if there are things you can do that save you money AND save the environment, surely that’s […]

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Amazing Secret Way To Get FREE...

That’s right, there is a way you can get solar panels for free! I know someone who did it and so can you. Here’s how it’s done… Solar panels are used everywhere these days. They are often used by construction crews and traffic systems (signs, cameras & emergency signal lighting etc) and these are where we […]

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12 Homemade Wood Burning Stoves & Heater Tutorials

We really want to get a wood burning stove to supplement our heating (to be honest we want one for the atmosphere created by a wood burning stove just as much!) Nothing beats the smell and warmth of a wood burning stove… The problem is – if you want to purchase a ready made wood […]


Easy To Make Herbal Migraine Remedy

I suffer with very infrequent migraines, I get maybe one or two a year, but when the come, boy do they knock me for six. I am in agony and vomiting for six to ten hours and then I am totally exhausted the day after, and even for a few days after if it was […]


How To Make Beautiful Braided T-Shirt Rugs For Nothing

If there is one thing I seem to have loads of, it is old t-shirts… I just never seem to throw them out or donate them, but luckily I now have a use for them! These DIY braided t-shirt rugs can be made any size/shape you like and they are perfect for the bedroom or the […]


The Most Effective Way To Treat Sunburn (100% Natural!)

Obviously the best way to treat sunburn is to prevent it in the first place… Clothing, shade and sunscreen etc. That’s not helpful to the folks reading this with their skin already on fire though, so here’s how to treat your sunburn if it’s already too late… The Most Effective Way To Treat Sunburn You […]


How To Build This Beautiful Herb Or Strawberry Vertical Planter

If you are looking for a relatively simple free DIY backyard project for the weekend, you have come to the right place! Down below is a link that contains the build tutorial to build this beautiful vertical planter. The DIY tutorial includes the full materials, measurements and build instructions. It is also in a PDF […]


Easy To Make DIY Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

Nobody likes mosquitos… At best they are a nuisance, at worst, due to diseases they can carry, they are deadly. Now I haven’t tried these DIY plastic bottle mosquito traps, but they are very cheap/easy to make, and how they work with the yeast and CO2 makes a lot of sense as I know mosquitoes […]


27 Delicious Camping Recipes & Treats To Try On Your Next Camping Trip

Cooking outdoors when camping is one of the best things about camping. The thing is – if you are anything like us, each time you go camping you revert to the simple tried and tested meals you have cooked successfully before when camping… The link below features a selection of awesome campfire recipes and clever […]


High-Deductible Health Plan: How To Cut Costs & Save Money

Ok so this is a break from the norm on Knowledge Weighs Nothing, but I saw this and I thought that with the 30,000 daily visitors to K.W.N, this could really helps lots of folks struggling with their high-deductible health plans. In fact I guess unless you have a HDHP you probably wouldn’t be here […]


How To Build This Awesome Space-Saving Sliding Cabinet

Almost everyone has some space to spare next to their refrigerator in the kitchen, but lots of people don’t have enough cupboard space. Do you see where I am going with this? The photo of the DIY space-saving sliding cabinet probably gave it away too… This is a great way to utilize a small slot […]


Excellent Easy To Make DIY Firestarters

You might think it looks easy to start a fire in the wilderness, but it’s not… Everyone, no matter how proficient at starting fires, can benefit from carrying some cheap and easy to make firestarters. These DIY firestarters are made from candle wax and cotton cosmetic pads, but you could also use cotton-balls too. Simply […]

Morel Mushrooms

Beginner’s Guide To Hunting Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms cost a fortune at the store, often around $20 per pound… The thing is morels are widespread, easy to identify and great fun to hunt for, especially if you have young kids… If you have always thought about foraging for these mushrooms, but you never knew where to start, today’s your lucky day, […]


28 Tips For Cooling Your Home This Summer

Given the choice of being freezing cold or boiling hot, I will always choose the cold conditions. In most cases it is simply easier to warm up than it is to cool down, especially when outdoors. That said I am at the mercy of the weather so I don’t really get a choice… It is […]


Awesome Video Showing How The Mythbusters Bug-Out In Traffic

This is absolutely one of the most awesome things I have ever seen! I was lucky enough to actually catch this episode of Mythbusters. If you didn’t see the episode I highly recommend tracking it down and watching it in full. Their conclusion was that due to the power of the truck and the design […]


How To Make Pineapple Weed Tea (Delicious & Great For Stress & Insomnia)

You have probably seen pineapple weed thousands of times but never given it a second look. It likes yards and other trampled/beaten and unkempt areas. It is very easy to identify with its pineapple shaped yellow flower heads. It is actually a close relative the chamomile and it has similar calming/sedative properties. In fact I […]