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How To Make Apple Pie Moonshine

POSTED: February 3rd, 2013, LAST UPDATED: September 11th, 2015

We did a post yesterday about making hard cider. The post was very popular and several people have asked if we could do a post with a recipe and tutorial on how to make Apple Pie Moonshine.

Apple Pie Moonshine is the most sought after type of bootleg whiskey. It tastes great and it is very, very easy to drink.  You really don’t realise how strong it is until you are almost unconscious and then you remember – oh yeah, I was warned about how drinkable apple pie moonshine is… You’ll certainly remember in the morning!

Anyway, the good folks at Clawhammer Supply have written a nice article including the recipe and a tutorial for apple pie moonshine. They also stock all the kit you could ever need to make your own moonshine.

How To Make Apple Pie Moonshine, if you are starting from scratch, also check out: How to Make Moonshine – 101

(Photo from: Clawhammer Supply)