How To Convert A Lawn Mower Into A Generator (Cheap electricity!)

POSTED: February 23rd, 2013, LAST UPDATED: January 15th, 2016


So you want to be more self-sufficient, or maybe you just want a backup for when the power’s out?  The things is, money is tight and you’ve looked into the buying a commercial generator, but you were put off by the cost or the quality of the cheap Chinese imports… What can be done? Well how about converting the old unused lawnmower in the shed into a low cost generator? Alternatively,  old lawnmowers can be picked up very cheaply at yard sales etc.

In its simplest form this will be a DC generator which can be used to charge backup battery banks which can be used for backup power if your main power source is down.  With a bit more work you can fit a DC to AC inverter which would enable you to power your electrics straight from the generator.

The thing to bear in mind is – your average mower motor will not be as powerful as a commercial generator.  That doesn’t mean this is useless, just that it has its limitations.  It is a good option for charging battery banks and it would be a good back up for solar panels and wind turbines when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing.  If you fit a DC to AC inverter you could also directly power your lights and other low power devices.

Check out the links below for details and instructions.

How To Convert A Lawn Mower Into A Generator

Converting a Lawn Mower into a Generator