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How To Build Your Own Yurt

POSTED: March 29th, 2013, LAST UPDATED: January 15th, 2016

Yurts are pretty cool! They can be erected in around the same time as it takes to pitch a tent, but once erected you have the strength, protection and security of a timber framed building. Yurts are more of a semi-permanent dwelling traditionally used by nomadic tribes people. The only negative with a yurt is their packed up size and weight. You are pretty much going to need a vehicle to transport one.

A yurt would be amazing for bugging-out in, lots of security, protection and durability and providing you have a vehicle they are very mobile. I haven’t seen much (if any) talk in the prepper community about the use of yurts, which I think is surprising giving the benefits for a semi-permanent dwelling. After all, they are tried and tested by nomadic tribes people, and if you bug-out for whatever reason, that is effectively what you will become!

With a few tools and a bit of DIY skill, a yurt is surprisingly simple to build and once built, it will last for years. I have found a great website that contains a complete guide to building your own yurt. The website also sells a much more in-depth book about yurts. Check it out below.

How To Build Your Own Yurt

I have also just found a second yurt building guide on Instructables