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How To Build A DIY Bucket Swamp Cooler

POSTED: July 5th, 2013, LAST UPDATED: January 15th, 2016


I don’t know about where you are, but it is getting hot, hot, hot here…

If you are starting to feel the heat, but you don’t have air conditioning, or it’s too expensive to run, you might want to consider building one of these DIY bucket swamp coolers. This one actually runs on solar power, so once built it is free to run!

Bucket swamp coolers are very effective if your climate is on the dry side, with low humidity. This is because they work by evaporating water into the atmosphere to lower the temperature. If you have high humidity they won’t work as well.

Check out the tutorial below, which includes a full parts list, tools list and full instructions (with lots of photos!) on how to build your own bucket swamp cooler.

How To Build A DIY Bucket Swamp Cooler

(Photo from: Burning Man)