Antibiotic Apocalypse Warning

POSTED: January 24th, 2013, LAST UPDATED: January 15th, 2016

Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness at an alarming rate. The more we use an antibiotic, the more bacteria become resistant to it, and it is irreversible…

The simple fact is, the more we use antibiotics, the more bacteria are adapting to them and becoming resistant to them.

We face a future where people will die from simple infections from routine surgeries and minor wounds, because we won’t have any effective antibiotics to treat the infection.

We have previously researched and done a post for preppers and survivalists called: Fish Antibiotics for Human Use (no prescription required!), these new reports really emphasise the need to only take antibiotics when you really need them, for serious bacterial infections that bodies own immune system can’t fight alone.

For more in-depth information, check out the two BBC articles below, which include dire warnings from the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.

Antibiotic ‘apocalypse’ warning

Antibiotic resistance ‘big threat to health’