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All Natural Tick Repellent for Dogs & Humans:101

POSTED: April 25th, 2013, LAST UPDATED: June 19th, 2015


With summer just around the corner its time to tick & bug proof you and your dog prior to those fun filled hikes, outdoor excursions & camping trips. Ticks can cause lots of issues for your pet and even yourself. The commercial tick spray and repellent has harsh chemicals which personally I do not want to use.

Luckily I found a really great article with a natural tick recipe to take the bite out of the dog days of summer. This is safe, non-toxic and has no adverse side effects.

All Natural Tick Repellent for Dogs & Humans

This is a subject close to my heart as my wife had lyme disease from a tick bite, whilst pregnant with my son.

Photo Credit: jkirkhart35 / Flickr