3000 FREE Survival eBooks, Manuals, Guides & More…

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You visit Knowledge Weighs Nothing and follow the Facebook page because you want access to free, preparedness, survival and homesteading  information, reviews and tutorials etc. Well today you have hit pay-dirt, as if it’s free information you are after, I have an awesome resource to share!

The great guys over at ‘Armageddon Online’ have spent a huge amount of time compiling a list of around 3000 free  preparedness/survival books, manuals, guides and more in one place. Most of the guides are available in PDF, which means they are easily downloadable and printable. Seriously, the list of free eBooks etc is mind boggling. Here are some of the categories:

General Preparedness, Survival Books, Wilderness & Outdoor Survival, Shelter, Medical, Health, Hygiene & First Aid, Fire, Heat, & Cooking, Recipe Books, Chemical, EMP, Terrorism, Gardening Books, General Survival PT. 1 General Surviuval PT. 2, Fire – Heat – Canning – Cooking – Water, Tornado, Earthquake, Tsunami ,Volcano, Hurricane, Nuclear Survival, Self-Defense, Animals For Food, Blacksmithing….

3000 FREE Survival eBooks, Manuals, Guides & More…

(Photo from:  Lauren Manning)