3 Homemade Rat Poison Recipes (Super Cheap & Less Toxic)

July 1, 2013


From time to time, we have had problems with rats… We have a cat who is useless! Last year I watched as she was sitting 2 meters from our apple tree, a rat came out from the bushes, went over to the tree, climbed up a bit and started eating from a bird feeder. The cat just sat there watching it, and to be honest, the rat couldn’t have cared less.

Luckily at present, we are rat free (kiss of death!), but I just stumbled on this post on WikiHow which details three homemade rat poisons, which are all easy and super cheap to make. Additionally they are all far less toxic than the usual rat poison you get from the store.  Even though they pose less of a risk to kids and pets, they should still not be put where kids/pets can reach them.

I haven’t tried any of these DIY rat poisons, but I will next time I see some rats. The thing most people don’t realize about conventional rat poison is that rats have to keep eating it over several days for it to build up in their system and kill them. With this in mind, to effectively treat a rat infestation, you need a lot of poison (which gets expensive) as you need to keep putting it down until it is not getting eaten anymore…  If any of these DIY poisons are effective, they will work out loads cheaper than rat poison from the store.

3 Homemade Rat Poison Recipes

(Photo from:  Genista)