10 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Internet Connection

POSTED: January 31st, 2014, LAST UPDATED: January 15th, 2016

slow internet

Who remembers dial up internet? Do you remember the old connection noise it used to make? It used to be so slow, yet we were all amazed by this new thing called the internet… Thankfully things have moved on with many of us in towns and cities on high speed fiber broadband, but the problem is many folks living in more rural locations just cannot get this high speed internet access. It seems that the greater your connection with nature, the slower your connection with the internet!

All is not lost though, as with even the slowest connection, there are still several things you can do to speed things up and improve your online experience. Sometimes just switching your ISP can make a great difference. We were told by an old ISP that our slow internet was due to the condition of our phone line and not their service, but then we switched supplier and we got a 100% speed increase. Sure it was still slow, but it was much better than before. Check out the link below for 10 ways to improve your internet speed.

10 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Internet Connection

(Image From: Duncan Hull)